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Astro Guide 2010


You don’t have to tell everything to everyone, as mystery is going to be key in working situations to your favor. Yes, unspoken rules are your strategy, so keep this in mind as you are out to get what you deserve this year. Do not put all your cards on the table, as now is the time following a lead will be more beneficial in showing you options that truly inspire. As for what you ultimately want, it’s more — so get ready to decide on the levels of what you want in love, prestige, money or all of the above. Whatever it is that lights up your life into thinking you are God’s gift to the world is what will come, as chances are good your clever mind will be able to haul out some moves that’ll have you striking that perfect deal with a certain special someone behind closed doors. Yes, this is your year when “more is less” will make everything happen. Madness:


There will be too much of a good time if you don’t protect yourself, so take precaution! Yes, there is a tipping point when reckless abandon can turn into a nightmare. So, be careful to not use sex as a weapon. Otherwise, the aim will turn towards you and leave you with that burning and itching sensation of regret. Know what you truly want to experience and the difference between genuine emotions and an egotistical conquest. While both will leave you reeling with intense glee, some can leave an aftershock that won’t be easy to rid yourself of. The only thing you most definitely need to stay away from: professional romances, as the lines that get crossed will tarnish the hard work you’ve put out. You should already know better where to be naughty and where to be nice, so mind those p’s and b’s (as in penis and balls).


Crack open your curiosities and take a wild adventure. Time to change your trajectory and get your brain working at a new level, as it’ll need a higher truth to strive for. If this means getting some perspective in a new town, then pack up. If this means hitting up a new country, pull out that passport. This could even mean going back to school. Whichever the case, don’t let excuses hold you back now, as dreaming of a life you want and actually living it isn’t light years away if you set your aim at the right targets. After all, you never know until you try and the only thing you have left to lose is the bitterness. The first act on the agenda: dealing with the immediate people around you. Discard people who have been dragging you down and relegate more attention to the ones who bring you up. The initial momentum you need to change your world will come through another. So, work the scene until the path to your destiny becomes too obvious to deny.

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