Virgo 2010 Astro Guide

Astroguide 2010


Expect 2010 to be your best, most sizzling year of love of the deep and committed kind — or something seriously is wrong with the stars. Yes, all those years of agonizing inner work pay off and you’ll have had it with the old way of doing things. Now, you’ll finally get that drama and work don’t have to be part of the equation to finding love. Not to say it doesn’t take effort to have it all, but the kind of work you’ll be putting in this year won’t drag your self-esteem under a bus and have you on your knees, scraping up pieces of hope. Nope, this year it’s all about the natural flow of balance and bliss, and cuddling up to someone who gets you and appreciates you. There will be no unattainable temptations. Sure, this may seem unfathomable now, but when you come upon a challenge that isn’t toxic, you’ll see the true page-turners in your memoirs are of the inspiring variety rather then the scary kind.



Your own guilt is your worst downfall. All the good fortune that is already there and will come into your life, believe it to be truly deserved. This really will be one of your best years and there is no ruining the party — unless you want to. While change isn’t easy for you to get behind, the wonderful things in store for you this year should be a no-brainer to embrace, unless you let fear bring you down. Seriously, this isn’t a teaser — the pay dirt you’ll hit in 2010 is due to all your previous efforts, so trust it and accept it, because if you keep refusing it, it will fade away.


Your last battle with the past is coming and then it’ll all be about what is new. This will include dropping some major bucks to change up your lifestyle in a new and fresh way. You’ll be amped to take chances and explore new aspects of yourself that you can no longer ignore. You will realize that working hard and playing hard creates a perfect balance in which you can indulge, and playing the pauper more than you have to is not rewarding — besides, learning how to appreciate what you earn will be your most fun realization this year. You’ll travel with a new crowd, play with new ideas, venture to new places and discover new hopes that will have you reaching higher than ever in search of your perfect buzz.

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