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If you can ignore the small stuff, then a swoon-worthy love life is in store. The only catch? Knowing how to lightly airbrush your point of view into perfection. Not to say you will have to ignore elephants in the room, but don’t be your own worst enemy. Don’t scrutinize every last detail so that it ruins the bigger picture. Instead, ask yourself why and rectify. Realize a majority of times it will be you magnifying those little foibles until the self-sabotage is complete. You are going to have to be a little unconventional in your approach anyway, as you will have to put in more effort than normal. However, the good news is that once you rev the engine up, you can slide over to the passenger side and enjoy the view. Yes, you will reap the rewards of such behavior fast — as in having your horns taken in just the way that’ll turn you into total mush.


Forget comfort, as being thrown into sudden vulnerable states will be where you can find your true sexy beast. The point is not to panic, as this is just a test of how you get through adversity and can come out the winner. Yes, if you let yourself go to the bottom, you can know the glorious rise to the top, as this is the time to trust and learn the art of worship inside out. Yes, come into your own and see that you don’t have to do it alone either, as you will have stupendous backup. However, just don’t get too ahead of yourself, as this is one of those fine wine years that you will have to sip to fully appreciate.


Your creative genius is out to break free and you won’t be able to hold yourself back, as the judgments that you’ve held onto are obviously outdated. So, stop holding onto them just because you’re lazy! Yes, don’t be so fast to chalk up your limits, as there is more to who you are than what you already know. If you open yourself up to sharing in a new way, you will see that the day-to-day can brighten up and slip you into a whole new world that you didn’t have the full capacity to understand prior. Just don’t be shy in taking offers that come out of weird places though, as the more willing you are to walk onto the wilder side, the more dynamic the experience will be, as will the destination. Plus, the good news is that this year and all its miraculous events make up the turning point; so make it a page-turner worth diving into, as this is the time you start making yourself a true legend.

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