Taurus 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010


Your love life will be a cakewalk compared to last year. You’ve won the hardest battles and now can see that logic is your friend. You don’t have to go psycho to get your way, because the people you want to be with aren’t going to push you so far off the edge — they’ll want to listen and give respect. Sure, this sounds simple, and it’s too bad such time was wasted — but no worries, time will be made up. Now all that fantasizing you indulged in will pay off, and you’ll be able to recognize the pieces of your puzzle and put them together quickly. While others will scoff at your fast approach to love, don’t flinch. Jealousy will be your enemy, but it’ll also serve as the perfect mechanism to see whom you need to weed out of your life, to hone the idyllic lifestyle you want. This year, solid foundations are what you are building and the materials you’ll need to make them last must be only of the best quality.


Your social life will be taking all sorts of twists and turns that will have you feeling like the luckiest lady one minute, to the most cheated and used girl on the block the next. Sorry to say there will be a mix-and-match of saints, sinners and opportunities coming at you, all looking as if they will brighten your day. How prudent you are at sifting through them, seeing the ones with real potential, will be a crazy bout of trial-and-error. The good news is that no matter what happens you will come out on top. You will see the dark side to popularity and will promptly remove it from your list of must-haves. Take note, 2010 is the year you finally get your trust issues in order and standards in place, as it’ll be time to see who really has your back and what that means.


Forging roots is your priority, which of course will feed right into your ambition, making you do anything you have to do to get ahead — as in relocating, shifting careers, networking out of your comfort zone, anything. Yes, a lot of introspection is in order. You’ll conclude that what you give must at least equal what you receive. This will help eradicate co-worker vampires who steal your thunder, as now you aren’t so naïve, and when necessary, you’ll wield your power, generosity and confidence with an iron fist. Luckily, through it all, you’ll find that your best matches in love and friendship don’t have to be a bunch of a-holes you have to constantly make excuses for. Yes, expect your bold communication skills to open doors for you and finally lead you on to a whole new path of less B.S. and more progress.

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