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Bide your time, as the first half of the year is when naturalness will account for something and you truly have to feel good being you and knowing you. Otherwise, if you push too hard in any direction, it’ll move you backwards. Yes, this isn’t quite the music to your ears, as the control freak inside you can’t sit still. However, it’s time to realize comfort and security aren’t a dull end game, if you have all your ducks in order. The thing you will learn about the gambles you’ve made, as in not settling, will pay off. Now is when you’ll finally start to see that there is a method to your madness and your belief systems aren’t out of whack, just a little slow. Then, as these changes flip you around and settle into a new place, you’ll understand and appreciate that getting it all is not as easy as you thought — but will be way more rewarding than you could have imagined. Amen!


You are never going to have all the answers, as the questions will keep changing. Once you solve one riddle, in comes another that will make you sit your ass down and really think … or cry. Either or, rarely are you without access to solutions, so when this year stumps you with situations that bring out confusion, don’t be scared to call in backup. And while asking for help may, at first, make you think you are less than, understand that you are only asking yourself to be human. You are not perfect, nor should you aspire to be, as that instantly eradicates the equation of fun. You know it, if you want this year to be the one in which your spiritual, emotional and mental appetite gets satisfied with more than empty calories, then this is when you will need to break from your typical cravings and dare yourself to reach out, as it’s going to take two to make a thing go right.


It’ll be hard to feel a sense of leisure, as there are going to be many demons you are going to have to confront and put away. No, there is no rest for the weary, as you need to be serious about money, power and career plans you put into play this year, as you are over having to pay dues and now will be focusing on making the most of your accomplishments. However, not all is going to be as easy as it seems, as you will have to settle something old to move ahead to something new. The good news though is that karma is working on your side and if you have the imagination and vision to dream a bigger dream, you will be able to find the resources you need to piece the puzzle together. Though, the twist is that the picture you’ll see won’t be the one you assumed would be there.

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