Scorpio 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010


Love is never easy for someone as intense as you. It seems impossible for most mere mortals to possess your desire for understanding, fun and trust all in the same basket. But, lo and behold, miracles are in store for you this year. True love is on the agenda. Yes, lucky chance meetings will spur the most romantic storylines you’ve had in ages, so don’t ignore those random hunches and sudden invites you receive. The only glitch is that this ride to la-la land is a two-way street, so you will have to give to get — that means revealing who you are and taking more than a few chances. The good news is that connections will come immediately, so there will be a natural flow in your exchanges, making the drama you feel to be one of excitement and adventure, rather than fear and treachery. You know it; time to break out your fanciest lingerie, because this year the getting is all good.


Opportunities are coming that can lead you into a new stratosphere of fame and fortune. Never could you have dreamed the direction of your life could flip so fast and so far from your comfort zone, but it will. While change isn’t your greatest talent, do expect this offering won’t feel so welcoming at first, as it’ll mean shifting your foundations; however, in the scheme of things, this will fall in line with your bigger picture. To keep up with progress, sacrifice and adaptation are required. Sure, you’ll begrudgingly wonder if the trade-off is worth it, but don’t allow yourself to think in the short term. Accept that this mixed blessing will initially confuse, but there is a master plan at work, and as long as you trust in the universe, you will come out on top. Until then, expect this year to be all about proving how bad you want it.


Organizing and cleaning the skeletons out of your closet will be burning the most fuel in your brain and body, as you’re over carrying around all that crap and being so overly sentimental about everything — especially since it’s been so thankless. This will then mean finally being able to listen and truly trusting yourself in a way you never have before. The result will mean being more spontaneous and working out new ways to pursue your ambitions. Yes, boredom finally will get the best of you and you’ll have had it with being safe. Expect to venture off to new places, reach out to new types of people and possibly make a drastic change to your image too. Nothing old will seem of value anymore and the more you try new things, the more your confidence will soar, as you will see that you don’t need to stick to any of those ideals you once held so dear. Yes, your amazing power of persistence will no longer have to hit brick walls to change your direction. New possibilities you create will be all the inspiration you’ll need to melt apprehensions away.

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