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New beginnings, new love, new excitement and XXX-tra energy are building up to swoop you in, making you a firm believer in miracles. However, just when you think you are living out your dreams, getting down and into your groove, in comes your duality to strike and flip you onto your back, wondering which side of the table you want to be on, as indecision will give you a double dose of its venom when you least expect it. Just don’t be your own worst enemy and submit to this roller coaster ride easily. Yes, while temptations will abound, you are no dum-dum and can decipher good from evil. Plus, you’re old enough to know how to stir the pot to keep it interesting without having to chop up someone’s soul for flavor. This year, to keep things tasty, realize it’ll take some extra effort (on your part) to shake the sexy seasonings in and tenderize parts of you – to keep you from playing the power-tripping game of hot and cold.


Don’t forget to read the finer fine print on all serious contracts and money transactions this year, because hidden costs are looming everywhere and if you don’t take precautions, you can be forced into a situation that you didn’t see coming, leading you to have to renegotiate yourself back to where you once were. Yes, be careful of sliding a few steps back in the material, because traps will be out. The good news is that if you are prudent and can spot the flaws, call them out and rewrite the clauses to your favor. Tides will easily turn. As it goes, most of the foibles with others won’t be so much about shadiness, as they will be about straight-up stupidity. Just be ready to micromanage along the way. However, don’t go nuts; be smart about picking and choosing your battles and be prudent with your time — as there’s a lot of work coming. The good news is that the closer you get to the top, the less aggravation you’ll feel, as this year you will learn the pleasures of whipping minions into being efficient, keeping you and them inspired.


When it comes to your faith in humanity, keep your chin up. A few longstanding friendships may come to a screeching halt, as jealousies reach their tipping point and have you needing to walk away. No worries, as a steady stream of interesting individuals will be swarming for a look at you, as your shine will be too hard to miss. Expect this to also change your identity somewhat, as the people who will surround you will be on a whole other level, pushing you up there with them. You will be moving with a much slicker crowd and loving it. No more feeling like you have to dumb yourself down or hide your success to make others feel good. Go ahead, flaunt all that you have and love eradicating your limits, as you won’t and can’t live in a box anymore. Of course, with all this good will come difficulties in the adjustment process, but don’t you worry your pretty little self — it’s a challenge you will easily grow to love.

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Astro Guide 2011 / Sagittarius