Sagittarius 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010
Astro Guide 2010 / Sagittarius



Strange new happenings will be stirring up your libido, taking you into uncharted regions in your love life and your psyche. Seems your tastes are changing and there will be an even more daring element to your relationships. Look for many opportunities that will take you out of your comfort zone and turn you on in ways that could almost feel alien at times, but so right-on too. If you are committed, this can mean a twist is about to occur that will make romance more unique. If you are single, this will probably mean an attraction to someone far beyond your usual type. Whichever you are, erotic won’t even begin to describe the crazy love adventure 2010 has in store for you, so keep your mind and heart open, as what you see isn’t what you will get.


Compassion isn’t something you’re too generous with, as tough love is your prerogative. But this year there’ll be a snafu to your methodology, which will prove way too rough for the many delicate souls who will be passing into your life. While you would usually prefer to disregard those whom you consider to be your intellectual subordinates, you’ll have no choice but to adapt in order to move forward and up in your social life and/or career. Not to say you have to coddle those around you, but some finesse is required in reading others and finding the best way to connect to them. Listening closely is also a major requirement, as are custom-made strategies for each new situation. While all this compassion will slow you down, aggravate you beyond belief and make you possibly believe at times that everyone around you is stupid, it will also give you priceless insight into wielding your power and being an effective leader, even when those around you actually are total morons.


Your long-term thinking will be sharper than a tack and this is your time to really start setting down foundations that’ll carry you for years. This could mean buying property, launching a different career, starting a family, relocating to that place you’ve always dreamed of, tying the knot or beginning any sort of big goal you’ve seen as part of your bigger, perfect picture. Even if you aren’t thinking about it at the start of 2010, your life will shift in a new direction that will having you feeling more “adult” in that traditional way soon enough. Luckily, your courage will be at an all-time high too. It’ll be one of those years that will make you believe in the impossible even more.

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Astro Guide 2010 / Sagittarius