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Romance, excitement, intrigue and drama will come at you in unpredictable epic fits and spurts, keeping you on your toes in true soap opera style. Just don’t be silly and take it too seriously though, as having a sense of humor and knowing how to laugh at yourself is a necessity this year, as things won’t be happening in any logical order and if you aren’t able to roll with the punches, you will wind up with egg on your face. Yes, the lesson is to stay flexible. Changes will happen at the drop of a hat, needing you to make fast decisions that will be life changing. So, trust in yourself and trust in the universe that if you play the game as righteously as possible, you will come out the winner. Think of this as your Alice in Wonderland year, where things won’t be what they appear and can have you playing out surreal scenarios, but whatever, enjoy the ride, because you will officially arrive at the right place and time soon enough.


Say yes to everything, as your social life is your lucky charm in bringing you the best and most fascinating opportunities. As you know, you’re like a sponge. You absorb the energy of people and places around you and if you aren’t feeling it, you can’t lie to yourself or anyone around you. Luckily, this year you won’t have to deal with that so much, as better times are ensured, but you do have to get the ball rolling to have it work in your favor. Of course, the catch is that it’s not just about taking, so be mindful of what you give back. You are the sign of compassion, but this year it won’t be about giving what you want when you want, but rising to sudden situations that will call for sacrifices and submission of your scorecard. Despite what you want to believe, not everyone is out to get one over on you, so go ahead and give it to them, because the big breakthrough for you is that it’ll feel better than ever when you can just lay yourself selflessly out in full-access mode.


End the complaints, as you can’t be a victim if you are the one who is putting your own head on the chopping block. Besides, if you keep this up, what kind of attention are you drawing to yourself? Don’t work for the coddling, as that won’t get you far and in the end, it will only make you bitter, as it’s a slippery slope that will have you going after the wrong kind of attention. Best to keep some mystery, as that is how you will get what you want. Work silently and methodically, as whomever you need to establish a power dynamic with will agree to give you what you want, when you don’t play from an egotistical and needy point of view and can hold your own calmly. Remember, this year is building on the momentum you have already made, so don’t do yourself a disservice by reverting to childish ways to seal deals, as the only one you will be damning is yourself.

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