Pisces 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010


Being a saint is so passé. Besides being ridiculous, no one really considers you one until you’re long gone — who needs the posthumous fanfare when you’re living in the here and now? Plus, no one is buying your routine anyway. Sure, sometimes you care too much, but things are changing. Shedding that old tired skin of pseudo perfection should be #1 on your list of priorities. What happens this year will inspire the crazy sexpot in you to come out in full control, whipping your objects of affection onto orgasmic thrill rides that leave no one clueless to the real you — the devilish you, that is. Yes, power shifts are on the horizon and finally you’ll be getting it good without losing yourself, as you’ll learn to stop wielding sex as a weapon and start turning it out as a way to communicate, expressing the deepest and most wondrous parts of you. That is how this transformative understanding will come — and when it does, it will come, as in just that hard and fast to seem like a true miracle.


Seems not everyone you hold near and dear will be whom you think. While a few friends will no longer be relevant, a few more will prove to be just flat-out toxic. Not to say they were always this way, but with the bitterness of aging happening, it’ll grow you two apart in a way that at first will be painful, but in the end, liberating. Be proud that you have an ideal that you want to defend, because without that hope, what else is there? Sure, this will be an ongoing battle you will have with yourself, but through all these changing faces, a new and more progressive way of thinking will come in its place, making 2010 feel like your year of ultimate social nirvana.


This is truly your lucky year. Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, adventure and optimism, enters Pisces on Jan. 19th and stays there most of the year (excluding a few months mid-summer when it slips into your money and confidence sector), making you the Queen Madame of the cosmos. This means no more excuses in pulling it together and getting your hopes and wishes on track — and no more sitting on your butt, waiting and crying over the past either. 2010 is the start of a whole new life, where being in your own skin will feel like the most amazing place to be. Those escapist and destructive tendencies of yours will be used for inspiring and initiating ideas, rather than just being places to hide and waste your highest and truest potential. Yes, girly, time to leap over the rainbow and discover there actually is a pot of gold waiting at the end!

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