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You know where you belong, what you are feeling and with whom or at least have an ideal and that will make all the difference in making the most of this year! Yes, romance and love are all in the air, as you’ll be feeling the uber-goodness of balance and teamwork. Seems as if fate will be guiding you along and if you listen to the cues, you can just work alongside it, as it’ll be whom you are with and/or the people around you that will connect you to all you need, or at least put you in just one degree of separation. Realize all the work you have already put in has mattered, so this isn’t a free ride. Just be warned though, the first half of the year will be smoother than the second half, as in power plays and settling-in will reveal a few cracks — but solutions are always within arms reach if you take the effort to look for them, even if it’s just needing to “F” the pain away when you need to.


At times life will feel a bit off of paradise, like you are on a parallel road that has you seeing but not quite feeling like you can touch it. Even if you know you have all that you want, there may still be something missing that you won’t be able to readily place your finger on and it will throw you for a loop. Just don’t get caught up in trying to fill it in, as answers aren’t so easy to come by and only time will give you want you need. For now, it’s about creative thinking and coming up with solutions to keep motivating you towards perfecting a stride that works for you. The world isn’t going to be so kind, but it’s building your resilience and ingenuity and once you understand the depth of what you are capable of, then the jackpot will come and will have you feeling as if anything is possible! Yes, breakthroughs are in store, as in no more sugarcoating reality and knowing how to move ahead with determination, not desperation, to get results.


Forget practical matters in career if you want the money to come. Yes, time to admit you’ve had it with playing slave to unthankful individuals and do not waste another day on it, as the anger you are building will only result in bad karma and be a magnet for stress towards you. This is your year to get real with yourself, as in getting back to the basics and admitting what makes you feel good. Once you do, you will know how to change your direction for the better, as you will see what works for you is actually rather easy: by brainstorming it will be obvious which opportunities will give you a sense of pride and happiness. That’s right, nothing has to be complicated, unless you feed that web of drama/excuses to push you through your days. To avoid it, focus on listening to your primal needs, as that will reroute your foundation to more solid ground — and if you do, it won’t just be you thanking you and your bank account, but the world and people around you too.

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