Libra 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010


There is more to relationship dynamics than being on the top or the bottom. As this year progresses, you’ll find that you aren’t that easy to define anyway and, in fact, can fit into both roles quite nicely and effectively. Yes, something in you is going to come alive and it’ll make you more aggressive than ever, which will work out to be lovely if you are single, as this will change your attractions, and you’ll find it takes more versatility, substance and charisma than ever to win you over. If attached, expect relationship roles to switch and for a redefinition of teamwork to occur. Either/or, this is an interesting year for partnerships — you’ll be after a new role concerning them. Your picture of perfection will change and you’ll learn to direct the shots and see own your value. Yes, seems those days of being arm candy are over.


A big dose of reality is coming and you’ll finally understand that the perfect moment is never going to happen. Instead, it’s your time to get tough with yourself, take that giant leap of faith, make your moment happen and then see where the chips fall. This year begins a new awakening in you that will put you face-to-face with yourself in the mirror of truth! Intense? Yes. Impossible? No — although it will feel like that at times, as it’ll mean restructuring your life to cut out the fat. This will mean no more playing games, where you compare yourself to others, and allowing that dichotomy dictate the direction you should take. The originality you discover now will prove that nothing you want is on a beaten path anyway. Instead, what’s in store for you is a total surprise, one that will unravel as you begin dialogues that put you in touch with your ideals. So, forget putting on that game face, as there will be no more silly games to play.


Your creativity will be in top form and to deny it would not only be an injustice to yourself, but also to the world — so get those ideas out of your head and work them. No matter what the sacrifice, trust the payout is there and don’t let fear and excuses hold you back. Not to say that you’ll achieve overnight success and can quit your day job ASAP, but just taking the smaller steps to a bigger dream will be powerful enough to show you what you are you truly capable of and that, ultimately, you are invincible. Understand that the scope of your imagination is limitless and, if honed properly and patiently, will bring you freedom and wealth. However, the clock is ticking and success is all about timing, so strike while the iron is hot and get your foot out of the wrong door and into the right one now!

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