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Cancel the gym membership. With all the action you’re getting this year, you’ll have to up your calorie intake to keep on your weight! Yes, you’ll be left breathlessly ravaged many times over and as many times as you want, because this year you’ll be turning into a horny little mongoose. Yes, hotness, passion, spontaneous love affairs, and feeling good locally and globally will be all that is you this year. This is your time when you’ll make everyone understand what makes you the sign of romance, as there won’t be a curiosity that you won’t want to chase or incite. While you might be thinking that this year sounds like many of your years, the change is that this one is about going off the beaten path to float your boat, as you’ll be feeling way more courageous to see how high your freak meter will go. So, while commitment isn’t necessarily part of the theatrics, you won’t really care, as this is the time for fun, not formalities. Not to say it will all be light, because parts of your journey will be taking you to darker sides of your psyche, as passion this hot isn’t without complications — but don’t fret, it’ll have a perfect balance of drama to keep you motivated.


You’re not the only player out for their home team, so don’t trust others so easily, as what you might feel in-between the sheets is open to many translations. The point is that if you need clarity, you need to be the one to open and keep up those lines of communication. Otherwise, understand that whom you will be drawn to this year won’t be your usual type and by being off your turf, it can make things much harder to translate and, in turn, more painful to let go if you get lost in a storyline that is only followed by you. Of course, you are a glutton for punishment, but you’ve been there and done that, so enough already. Instead, be vigilant; know the difference between being in the moment and having a temporary lapse of reason, as faith versus fantasy is going to be something you will need to decipher if you want to really grab the best of what this year has to offer.


Remember you have priorities, as in a life of your own and to keep it together you are going to have to stay in control. This means time to get organized, and be as detailed about it as you can. If this means cleaning out your house of all the clutter and refurnishing it to renew the energy, then so be it. If this means upgrading all your PDAs, then go for it. Whatever aids you need, make that investment, as getting down routines and being on track will be essential for you to execute all your ideas efficiently and successfully. Understanding the practical mechanics of your life is now necessary to move ahead. Of course, nothing goes without obstacles, and yours will be about staying focused and staying clear of messy people. The fact is, you can’t help everyone, nor are you responsible for them either. Besides, the best way to teach is leading through example, and while can’t play hero in every story, you can be one in yours.

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