Leo 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010


If you’ve been wondering how you are doing in the love department in terms of karma, well, this is the year you’ll get your score. Lessons in intimacy are coming and will blow your mind away — but in different ways, depending on your past. If you’ve been giving, then you will get, big time. If you’ve been nasty, expect punishment. Whichever the case, 2010’s sexual dalliances and love fests are going to be a culmination of your past actions and give you a huge dose of reality for what you must do now to perfect your love life. Innovation is your best way to get ahead, proving why you are the sign of romance and can make the impossible happen. Yes, this year is a mixed bag of drama, lust and intrigue, and finding out what kind of tastiness awaits will be quite an interesting and colorful trip, so load up on patience and creativity to ensure it’s sublime.


Your ruthless ambition will kick into high gear as soon at the clock strikes midnight. There will be no stopping you from climbing the ladder of success. Expect there to be haters who you’ll have to fearlessly fight and prove you are better than in the early months, but after the spring thaws, you’ll be getting your groove on and life will turn a magic corner that will have you seeing your promised land. Money, fame, and power come, as the dues you’ve worked hard to pay finally get their fair exchange. However, all work and no play is a drag and doesn’t work well for you. Besides, work and play can feed off each other quite nicely and have you sitting even prettier on top of your gold, in the literal and metaphorical sense. Keep the momentum going — reach out to others in a grand ole style that flexes your star power but doesn’t diminish your humility either.


Wielding your power will make you feel major, as in one horny mofo who can’t get enough. Yes, your libido is going to be hitting its maximum level and you’ll be feeling the intensity of your desires like never before. This will also bring up hidden issues in your psyche, as you see how the cause and effects of your actions add up. Life won’t be all rainbows and unicorns this year, but it’s not like you want it that way anyway, as a little bit of tension is what makes you strive harder. This year, the fire will be burning hot under you, causing you to act more spontaneously than ever and more adventurously too. Don’t be shy to spread your wings and truly make the world your playground, because exploring all corners will be what brings in the delicious trouble that’ll truly satisfy you.

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