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Your heart will be flung from extreme to extreme, intertwining love and hate so tightly that you will have to learn to re-balance yourself all over again and recalibrate where you want to aim your affections. However, since you have been through the cycles with these patterns already, it won’t be hard for you to see what is actually going on and the likely outcome. When necessary, that’ll mean cutting your apron strings free of them as soon as you know better and making good on your scars of the past. Not to say it will be bad, but just in case. So yeah, the good news is this year won’t be a bore — there won’t be a dull moment! Yes, with so many 180 turn-abouts to keep you on your toes, you will finally confirm that you are totally comfy in your own skin and can hold your power in any situation. The past is going to be officially over, as you will learn all the lessons so well that you can easily propel yourself into a happier and clearer future.


If you could choose whom you fall in love with, your life wouldn’t resemble the one you have now, so forget trying to force a square into a circle. Yes, you can run and you can hide, but destiny is going to find you and will have you bouncing off the walls with glee, especially with the challenge of rising above your silly excuses. Sure, you will have to get yourself to be a bit more serious to express yourself, but that will ultimately give you the respect you crave. After all, how many times can you wonder about something without taking action? If you must, go ahead and talk about it until you are blue in the face, but time is wasting, as all your senses will be lighting up and forcing you to go with the flow. Besides, when things feel as good as they do or will, you won’t have the words to deny it.


Time to clean everything out. In terms of the material, you will get your best selling price now, as money luck is strong throughout the year. Just don’t underestimate your value!!! However, you’ll need space and to hold onto your confidence when dealing with your heart and mind. Start by calling up those exes and get the closure you need. Even if nothing comes of it, admit you’ve had enough of the guessing the what-ifs and “are you crazy?” Those stories are becoming dull to listen to in repeat, and are acting like your defense for you to avoid moving on. Time to lift the barriers, especially with 2012 around the corner being your year to reap the rewards from the fountain of fulfillment. Of course, if you have your hands full holding on to the past, then there won’t be too much space to grab on to the good cheer. Time to decide if you want your peak to be something to look forward to or something you look back on?

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