Gemini 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010


Finding true love won’t be easy and it’ll make you want to give up many times, as there will be more than a few false positives happening to blur your vision. For a time, all you’ll feel you’re getting is cheap talk and half-assed thrills, which are as good as nothing. The big news, though, is that the options haven’t changed, but it’s you who has — you’ll be able to see through thin veneers to know who actually has substance and who just can’t ever cut the muster. That’s right, no more waffling or creating drama in a desperate attempt to feel passion. This year, the intensity won’t be something you have to manipulate to get. This is the year that you turn into that discriminating lady who knows her value and refuses to placate her top-shelf skills on amateurs. So, keep your eyes on the prize — a love life that is one of legends, not forgettable passing fancies!


Speed is your drug, so brace yourself for a year when everything will be, or least feel like it is, happening a half step slower. Instead of getting pissy, revel in the moment and stop to smell the roses. In time, having this luxury will seem like a delicacy, because with the subtle shifts happening all around you, it will lead to bigger changes which will eventually build momentum. Also in store: finally grasping hold of your intense power, talent and abilities, and best of all, a full understanding of your long-range thinking abilities. Yes, you’ll see you can have it all, but just not all at once.


While hard work is required in most areas of your life, it won’t be in your career. That is where you’ll be able to put in the least and get the most, as those around you will be cheering on your genius without too much effort on your part. That’s not to say you can turn into a sloth or will only have dimwits surrounding you, but that others will finally support your ideas. Seems your ahead-of-the-curve thinking will finally put you in high demand. Plus, the good news is that getting this taste of success will only make you hungrier, and your imagination will give you the ability to mold your own enterprise. The only warning, though, is not to get caught in the trappings of your newfound fame, as feeling entitled is unbecoming. So, do mind those P’s and Q’s or the result will be a long fall down.

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