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You’ll be in a cycle of push and pull. So, be flexible, as there are going to be a few more obstacles you have to pass before you get life fully back on the track you want — and that may also mean with or without that person you assumed would be there. Yes, this is more about you being in your groove than trying to accommodate for another, as it’ll take more effort for them to catch up with you, than for you to have to slow down for them. Besides, why would you want to? What is in it for you? You know it, enough of feeling like you have to compromise for another, because that is only a big indication you aren’t living up to your potential, which should always be your priority. This year is the year you’ve made enough excuses. No more making others your scapegoat! Not to say partnership isn’t going to be important, but now it’ll be about your point of view as the first person, rather than just being the second.


Just because you are caught between a rock and a hard place doesn’t mean you’re in a rut. Ruts are a state of mind, and you have too many ideas to place yourself in one of them. Time to stop thinking in a horizontal moving fashion, but a vertical one. Yes, time to end the bouts of self-judgment and just move it on up. Good times come from good momentum and unless you build them and start them in motion, by owning your ideas and your worth, they’ll be nothing to register. Instead of thinking so hard, just go. Strike out on your own, as this is the time to enjoy your expression and see it as a necessity, even if it means sacrificing some of your security. After all, what makes you feel hotter, being free or feeling safe? This is your moment of truth.


Money will come and go. Don’t freak! Like weight, it is only a number and it’s only the power you give it that will taint you. So, do not let it consume you, as it’ll be fluctuating for a good reason: this is the year when you’ll be getting real with yourself on where you want to go and what legacy you want to leave. Yes, it is as serious as it sounds. The clock is ticking and the universe won’t wait any longer. This is your time to speak out and show off your more renegade side. Chances are this can bring you to new places; you’ll possibly even relocate. Whatever the situation you are faced with, go for it. Windows will open as others close. Just trust the power of your accomplishments and work ethic to know nothing is impossible. All you need to know from here on out is that you’re one hot bitch who needs to toot her own horn a lot more and a little louder now.

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Astro Guide 2011 / Capricorn