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Astro Guide 2010 / Capricorn



Feeling like you belong somewhere isn’t just going to be about homey indulgences, as serious commitments and your place in them are on top of your cosmic agenda. It’ll all come down to communication and taking lessons on giving/getting respect on a new level that transcends just the day-to-day. This is not just saying “please” and “thank you” when necessary, but knowing when to bend over backwards for someone else, because you have to and want to. Yes, we’re talking unconditional love but going both ways — it’ll be pure magic. Although things will shift suddenly and at times too dramatically, you’ll see that there is a fierce fighter in you. You’ll know, without a doubt, where you want to lay your head and how to trust your decisions — you’ve done your homework like the smart cookie you always knew you were.


Rules, tradition, family, or any worn long-time foundations are going to hit a brick wall, as a deluge of opinions will have you feeling as if everyone’s agenda is more important than yours. Obviously, you can only be polite for so long before all hell breaks loose and causes a breakdown that forces you to redefine many long-term relationships in your life. After all, why keep choreographing your life to follow guidelines that no longer apply to you? Sure, big sacrifices are coming and some will hit you hard in the wallet and humble you, but, oh well. Know this is all for the greater good, because if you kept going at that rate, you’d have no one else to blame for your life flatlining but yourself.


Liberation is going to be your aphrodisiac, as this is your year to lap it up by the spoonfuls. You’ll be freed from secrets and will finally learn how to make your most honest words slide like butter from your tongue, giving people tasty mouthfuls of your thoughts, dreams and hopes that’ll leave them wanting more. This will even include freeing the freak inside of you and sharing all like a badge of honor, rather than one of shame. You’ll discover that revealing intense secrets and taking extreme actions will be rewarding, allowing you to bridge tight bonds with a new community that will give you the freedom and tools to start living the way you’ve always dreamed. However, do beware of not becoming self-righteous about your newfound emancipation — sounding like a PSA will ruin it all. Lead by example, not commands.

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Astro Guide 2010 / Capricorn