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The worst of it is over when it comes to the dramas and traumas you’ve faced with commitment over the recent past. Yes, this year is going to be one of smooth sailing or you’ll be damned! After all, your threshold meter for bull is now working and you get you don’t have to make excuses, as there is natural peacefulness when you’ve found your place. However, even though you will have better judgment, that doesn’t mean you should disregard backup. Friends will be there, so don’t be shy in asking for help, because from them is where you will get the most strength. Despite how much you have learned, you still will be prone to making rash decisions with your heart, as that is you, so some guidance here and there won’t hurt. The only difference with this time around though is that you are apt to go beyond your comfort zone and for that, you will have a better chance at finding what you really need — a challenge that won’t bore you to tears.


Time to tune tradition out, as what you have been led to believe is no longer the case and this year it’s about you establishing your own rules (even if it means establishing new roots too). While this will be hard, as you do live to please (family specifically) and can soak in the disapproval of those you love like a sponge, you know what is best for you and if people want to love you in a way that is positive, they will have to get with your program. After all, you want and need to make decisions for you. This means toughening up and not letting others’ emotions or beliefs affect your choices. Seriously, you aren’t in junior high and your popularity never resides in the hands of others. If you want respect, own up to your feelings and fight back bullies, as you never have to settle. Yes, be the victor, not the victim.


Money can only buy you so much happiness; don’t let it be the scorecard for how you are doing — as comparing yourself to others is your one-way ticket to misery or your false sense of security. Whichever the case, don’t let it define you, as in getting caught up in the material will have you losing sight of a bigger picture in which you need to aim now. Yes, this is your time to gain personal satisfaction in a more spiritual sense. If you can’t get it where you currently are, then let money be your vehicle to put you in a place for new opportunities, as peace of mind is the sexiest part of your body to work and if you don’t have it, then you better go get it. 2011 is meant to be the start of something deeper and more intense, so make that promise to yourself and say “YES” to establishing a greater personal wellbeing. Accept you are priceless and make that move now!

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