Cancer 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010


Serious love aspects are in your stars, so if you aren’t living it up in la-la land with someone already, or putting yourself in a place where it can happen, then you only have yourself to blame, because this caboose is taking off — you are either on it or you will miss hot prospects. To ensure a ride on this love train, you must get realistic, stop with the sideways communication, face up to your emotions, and be direct. Things never start as serious as you want, so lighten up and laugh a little. Trust that promising possibilities exist and the excitement, intrigue and bliss you dream of are in the ether, but they will need to be magnetized with positivity — not your usual frenetic, negative energy, which has you constantly wondering when the bottom is going to fall out. The dismal self-fulfilling prophecies aren’t cute anymore. If you want to be part of something amazing, you must be secure in your awesomeness.


Don’t be scared to change career directions and be spontaneous, as that’s the way to the money and status you crave. Not to say you need to do a 180, but changing routines is necessary to get an influx of newness into the mix. Listen to your idealism and explore the wacky ideas that pop up, because, at this point, you have nothing to lose. Besides, the experimenting will open you up to a whole untapped level of creativity, as you’ve tended to be too conservative for your own good. But screw that! This is the time to really understand that you aren’t being judged for everything at every moment of the day, so lose the neurosis because it’ll doom you to mediocrity. Sure, the fanfare of taking the spotlight isn’t necessarily the most calming thought for you either, but if you have something to truly defend and stand up for, you will find that you are a quick study in being the master of your own domain.


Your brain will be hungry to learn new things, so sign up for classes, hook up with a new mentor or just let your curiosity take you far and wide into the world, as you never know where fate will lead you and to whom. This is your year of mystical adventures and meetings and following your idealism as if it were your GPS. Opening up your points of view will be on your mind, as recalibrating yourself to start this new cycle is necessary (if you want to move ahead without complication). While money issues will make you anxious at the early part of the year, if you trust in yourself that you are a worthy investment, all will fall into place. While it might not be overnight, it will happen. For now, it’s just allowing yourself to dip your toes into new waters and trusting destiny to do its thing.

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