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Remember that you are the sign of the leader and if anyone gets in your way, shove him to the side because you have no time to waste on mopey lays. Don’t you know it; this is your year for your power to rage on! However, the downside is that it might not be music to the ears of all who may love you or the one you love, as your ride to the top doesn’t exactly have room for two to easily fit. Of course, if he wants to ride shotgun, that’s fine — but there will be more required of him, because as your standards rise, so must he. Thankfully, you’ll offer an inspiring lead to get him going, so there should be no excuses. Plus, with your agenda set to have you flying around to the ends of this earth in true style, living better is not only on the program but offers a whole new perspective on seeing beyond the boundaries you’ve known … and well, if walls get knocked down to reveal someone hotter and more challenging, then who are you to refrain from stepping off onto a new path towards Upgrade-ville?


You can’t fight progress, so don’t bother. While change is something you normally love, this time around it can bring in some bittersweet twists. However, it’s all a matter of perspective, and will all make more sense in the long run. So, for now, know the good will outweigh the bad. The only immediate downfall is your guilt, as others might not know how to deal — but those are exactly the people you need to oust from your life anyway. Yes, take cues that if your compassion needs activation one too many times, it’s an issue. After all, with a natural flow of opportunity coming your way, you can’t be slowed down, as it means staying inspired, confident, and enjoying your sense of authority to be respected at a whole new level. Not to say you won’t have any laughs, because you will, and the best will be at the ones who smugly doubted you the entire time.


If it isn’t shiny, throw it back. Yes, this is the year when change is in store and you must go with it and update, update, update! Time to get a new haircut, new car, new job, a new home, a new man if the old one isn’t up to par, etc. As many new things as you can, get them, as this is your year to begin again and take a more unique route. The catch? You must be the one to make that first leap of faith, as your dreams aren’t going to happen miraculously by themselves, but as the stars go, they will back you if you jump first. You know it, wishing upon the stars will finally work, as that hope you’ve had gurgling inside you is finally going to be able to come into fruition and turn itself out into something incredible — and you have the first half of the year to get it rolling and the second half to enjoy immediate results. Otherwise, if you settle for the status quo, know fate will get you in some way. However, know if you don’t do it yourself, destiny will intervene and it will be a bit grouchy about it. Remember, the universe does not appreciate complacency, so work it!

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