Aquarius 2010 Astro Guide

Astro Guide 2010
Astro Guide 2010 / Aquarius



Passionate bonds are going to infuse your brain with a feeling of heavenly bliss that will make you wonder why people say relationships are such hard work. In terms of romance, whomever you are shacking up with the first half of the year will feel dream-like and superb in so many ways. You will think you won a secret lottery that has you and your honey feeling invincible. Then, the second half of the year rolls around and, voila, reality starts to sink in and all that you thought was so idyllic will suddenly seem … not so. Not to say all will be shot to hell, but what goes up will come down. As long as you can reconcile that there is a middle ground to it all, you will hit cruise control mode.


For 2010, big money is going to make your world go round. However, don’t throw a party yet, as there won’t be an easy route to gain these riches — you’ll have to trudge through many messes to find that golden ticket. The good news is that all your hard work will be equally paid back in return, and in most cases with an even higher return. Regardless, not all will be perfect in this new and seemingly abundant land, as this material deluge will awaken a darker side in you. So, do beware of letting the glare of your newfound wealth deflect obvious flaws in your character, which will arise when these sudden surges of power occur, or you will learn how truly lonely it is at the top.


Obsession: Be creative and not just weird — as in expressive yet literal with who you are — with new projects that will allow you to speak to people and create powerful platforms to make change. They will only be successful if you communicate in a way that others can relate to. Not to say you have to spill your guts until you are bled of any more emotion, but sharing an inkling of your passions will do you some good (especially in your wallet). Seems your beating around the bush with thinking and sharing yourself in theoretical ways has been fab, but it’s only gotten you so far. Now the next step is coming. Time to become fully open and come out from behind the curtains, owning up to your ideas, your voice and who you truly are. The feedback you get won’t just go to your head in the right ways, but it will endear you to the right people who will finally know how and what to make of you.

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Astro Guide 2010 / Aquarius