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Astro Guide 2013 / Virgo


The animal in you will be breaking out of its cage, overstimulating your libido and igniting bizarre urges. If you’re with someone, consider this the time to start leading the dialogue into darker slices of life so you can really see what they’re all about in the heat of catastrophe. Their sink or swim mentality will solidify your true feelings, finally giving you the confirmation to proceed or retreat. If you’re single, expect a wild romance to spark from a weird place, taking you far from your comfort zone, and teaching you new ways to explore your love psyche and your kink factor. By the end of the year, expect your sexual repertoire to expand to include all sorts of daring deeds, as somehow your body will seamlessly drift off to wherever your mind goes.


Your ruthless ambition won’t allow you to rest, and you will love it, as there will be lots of action pulling you in all sorts of directions, keeping you busy. Just be careful with what you choose to devote yourself to, as some paths will require dealing with more testy personalities than what you are used to and that can frazzle your brain. Even though you think your organizational skills can save the world, and others should follow your lead, you won’t get the cooperation you need, as not everyone will care. In those cases, despite it being hard, let sleeping dogs lie. Understand another’s apathy is not your failure, as you don’t need the entire world to listen to validate you. Work with what you get, as it will be enough, if you’re clever.


Gossip is going to be your drug, as it will provide ample evidence that you’re a genius, since hearing all about other people’s messes only clarifies your judgment. Not that you’re sadist, but you’ll be happy to know that karma does exist and that people get what they deserve. After all, it’s not like you didn’t warn them. However, know that gloating out loud will get tired fast, so quietly enjoy seeing justice served and move on. There are many more places to put your energy and your smarts to benefit you, and it won’t be from reiterating your brilliance on what has occurred. So, use that craftiness to create something new and get your name out there, as there are many more accolades to be won beyond just Little Miss Know-It-All.

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