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Astro Guide 2013 / Taurus


You love to work, but there is a difference between working hard and working smart. Although they should be one and the same, it’ll be clear when they’re not. In love, this means no more putting eggs into baskets that have holes at the bottom. What’s real will be obvious now, as you will gain a more objective point of view towards those you care for and know exactly what you want to feel — but why now? Because you won’t be able to suppress those feelings forever and it will hit its boiling point, with all your emotions erupting. Yes, 2013 is about sudden insanity! Ultimatums will come, both giving and getting them. Not that anyone likes heavy demands, but info needs confirmation now. Inflating egos isn’t a job you need to partake in, unless you are getting blown back, so trust equality isn’t a lie. While it’s hard to stay consistent, the bigger picture should be your motive. Understand that overcompensating for a lack of respect won’t help and although all is fair in love and war, it’s not love if it doesn’t have you floating on a cloud and knowing you have a place to land when life brings you down too.


It’ll be tough to know who to trust and who actually has the capacity to do as they say. There will be lots of talk, but words won’t always equate to solid actions. Know you will be stepping into new waters when it comes to certain friendships, which can change your social scene too. Seems what you do in your spare time and whom you do it with will be under scrutiny and long-term emotional relations of the platonic kind can make drastic shifts. No, you are not one to change up your routines easily, but 2013 will have you testing all sorts of new standards and for that, your truest friends will say, “Hallelujah!”


Be out to live the good life, which means a year of spoiling yourself rotten. Not like this is so different that any other year, as you;re a gal that knows how to whip out her credit card, but this is the year when you will feel more at ease knowing that material wealth is transitory and isn’t the destination of happiness. Not to say you are going to win the lottery, but there will be an easing up on your finances and rewards for work well done. Of course, this will also bring a new set of sacrifices for you, and at the oddest times, but you’re not a lady to shy away from a challenge. So, put on that boss lady uniform, as only you know how, and kick ass, as there will be many adventures ahead and with extra money in your pocket, you will be ready for the spontaneity as it hits. Look farther beyond the horizon, because that is where your paradise will lie.

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