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Astro Guide 2013 / Scorpio


By now, you see the world for what it is, because all that muck you’ve gone through wasn’t for naught. However, just because your attitude hangs low, doesn’t mean fate will follow. So, just as you accept the world to be something you can’t change no matter how hard you try, karma will arrive and have you believing once again that there is something mystical for those who deserve it. Yes, you’ll be saying, “WTF?!” but in the cheeriest way possible, as an alternate reality is going to open up and swallow you whole — a major transformation is on its way. Of course, there will always be gray edges to your point of view, as you can’t deny who you are, but a clean slate feeling will come and make you feel like, “Why not?” And it’ll be in that laissez-faire way that your faith will be restored, as intimacy worth its weight in smut and substance will suddenly pop back into your life. It seems going to hell and back is a journey that does make you irresistible … to those with courage that is.


You’ll constantly feel as if time is running out, but don’t let this paranoia rule you. You are certainly going to be far from home in a mental way, but that doesn’t mean you’ll miss the boat. Be reasonable with your energy and trust you’re a quick study. So, even if it seems as if you have to jump onto a new path ill-prepared, you will pick up its pace fast. However, until those shifts happen, drop the weird expectations you place on yourself, because that will only put you in a negative mindset that will stall positive understanding and progress. After all, as you should know by now, your muses work on their own time.


Codependence may be a style of love that comforted you before, but that was the old you, and hopefully you’ve done enough work to eradicate the crazy by now. Unfortunately, this year will bring back a few familiar tests to your sanity, making you go over your history over and over again, to beat back your inner psycho. The good news is that if you recognize those ghosts, you will be able to put them to rest again, as those you will be playing with now are not the same as those you have had before, and when it comes down to it, you will see you’re no longer that person either. Sure, you will need extra doses of affection this year, but you don’t have to feel desperate because of it.  You’re only human, and despite what you want others to believe, revealing it is okay. However, directing a thriller you are not, so keep a leash on the drama and your happiness won’t be just be a myth.

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