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Astro Guide 2013 / Sagittarius


New headway is coming, rewarding you for the work you’ve done on yourself over the last few years. Finally, you’ll turn a new corner in which headier plotlines begin and a bigger sense of responsibility will come at you — and just in the nick of time. As it goes, you’ve lived out those old boring stories so many times that you’ll be able to see those dead ends from miles away. Now, with eyes wide open, your focus is all about positive challenges that give you deeper insights into romance, partnership and balance. Although this will still mean work — by tweaking the role you’re playing or wiping away the past completely — love and all that it entails will get epic. So, hold tight, because the world is going to spin a lot faster in 2013.


Your imagination will run wild, inspiring a million illusions. The good news is that all you want is in reach, but not all will be worth your while. So, avoid getting sucked into the pretty longer than need be, as it can blind you from seeing opportunities that might be a diamond in the rough and will ultimately give you more. Luckily, most of the options won’t be bad, so there is nothing big to lose per se, but knowing that you like to win, don’t settle on anything that doesn’t feel 100 percent. Even if it’s just a percent off, snip it out. Perfection is in the stars, so use logic to guide you through. In the end, realize it’s just about patience, the virtue that’s only escaped you until now (hopefully).


Don’t overstate your emotions with people you just meet and what they can mean for you in the long term, no matter how right the moment might feel. While commitment and love are in your stars, ensuring you get the right one will take work. There will be no sudden miracles or roadmaps, which means there will be several hurdles to jump and if you don’t keep your stride high enough, you can fall into a trap. Know there are deeper consequences to your actions now, no matter how lighthearted you think you’re acting. If you aren’t feeling it, keep it moving fast, or risk opening yourself to vampires. Sure, you can’t help being so alluring, but you can help playing games where the only goal is scoring points for your ego. So, keep yourself in check, as loose canons will be out on the prowl.

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