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Astro Guide 2013 / Pisces


In 2013, freedom won’t be just another name for nothing left too lose, but about everything you win. Perspective is major, and this time around, you won’t be losing sight of what you need to do to feel as beautiful and limitless as you know you should. Yes, time to reexamine values in a more expansive way, as right and wrong will no longer feel so black and white. Action and reaction is what you will be all about and if you go with it, it can take you to the far reaches of the globe and your passions. So, don’t hold yourself back from these urges, because some callings are destiny, leading to a major epiphany that will put your cherry back on top. That’s right, forget reading signs; instead live out what you want, because being in the moment is where your best in love and strength will be.


Beware of gripping too tightly onto vices, because a rocky road is ahead, with a few roadblocks that can make you manic at times. Not that they’ll be awful, but being that you love drama, it can rattle your brain. However, instead of letting fear make you retreat, change up your habits to ride out the stress with logic. Sure, new people and situations you make contact with this year will be a bit hard to read early on, but don’t allow yourself to get intimidated, because that would be sad — as there is no reason for it. You’ve accomplished a lot in your life and have experience to back you up. Don’t negate that. Plus, perfection isn’t instantaneous, but a constant work in progress. So, don’t freak if the sparks of sexy opportunities take a bit more blowing on your part to intensify, because if you blow, they will come.


There will be a sense of arrival about this year, as a lot of the loose ends of your life will seem to magically tie into one package that can have you wondering if it really is too good to be true. Lucky for you, no matter how many times you pinch yourself, the rewards will stay the same. Foundations are being set, solidifying your life in a more mature way. New faces will appear and places you never dreamt you’d see will be in reach — and it’ll be in the turning over of new leaves that you will also discover more treasures just below the surface of what you already have. So, avoid the self-sabotage and languish in the luxuries of your life that are already yours. However, pace yourself, as sweet surprises will be peppered throughout the year, and they’ll require letting go to gather more at various times. No matter, as these decisions will be no-brainers, so let fate do the work and until you are called upon, sit back and just enjoy being pretty.

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