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Astro Guide 2013 / Leo


You’re always in the mood for romance, but this year, it won’t be all about that. For you, love is going to take on a more practical role, and you’ll be valuing the support more than the sex. Not that you won’t be getting it good, but you’ll be thinking with more of a nesting mentality. If you’re already in a relationship, this will mean being more prudent with how you want to move into the future, enjoying the companionship and growing your circle together. If you’re single, 2013 won’t be just about libidinous encounters of the fast and furious kind. Sure, conquests can still be fun chew toys (experiences in which you can practice your skills), but you’ll be better at leaving those behind where you spit them out. In the end, don’t be shocked to find this year being more rated R than X, as that’s just how it’s going to be, but sweetly enough, you’ll love it.


Red tape is going to be everywhere, covering everything you want to get ahead on, especially in your career and at home. It’ll feel as if everything you do will get re-examined and for no reason. You’ll feel as if no one wants to see you succeed. Whatever you want to think is up to you, but you aren’t helpless. Take the time to edit yourself, redefine what you’re offering, and keep climbing up the hill, past the haters that aren’t as smart or as hot. If you want to get what you want, it’ll mean playing by another’s rules at first, kicking their ass, then getting to be in charge. 2013 will have many headaches, but it’s nothing you can’t conquer. After all, you’re a Leo.


Future planning and putting down roots will be more on your mind than ever. Enough with letting others play with your mind without getting what you want. Break away and create a Utopia on your terms! It won’t be easy to do, but this is your time to lay down foundations. You don’t have to build it all at once, but setting some sort of cornerstone in whatever way you choose will be a good place to start. Obviously, whatever you do will be amazing and it won’t be long before others notice your vision, giving you the accolades you need to go on. So, despite dark times, when you have to go at it alone, trust that it’s just a phase. In the end, your courageous leaps of faith will get recognition and build momentum, making 2013 your turning point.

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