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Astro Guide 2013 / Gemini


You’re a bitch and a babe, and whatever side you want to play this year will win over fans. Yes, run naked down the main street of your town, blow your savings on the trip of a lifetime or tell off that a-hole that has done you wrong one too many times. Whatever your wildest impulse may be, go with it, because it’ll be in your favor. Yes, the universe is is serving up many delights on a silver platter, and the domain you want to dominate is yours. This is your time, use your power!

Of course, there is always the grass is greener syndrome, and there will be a few moments when things will slow down, leaving you confused, but don’t fret. It’s just a matter of physics and nothing else. There is no way to steadily ride high without hitting  few lows in order to gain that momentum again. In those moments, just cruise. Reflect on the changes that are happening and understand what you need to do, thinking a few steps ahead of yourself. Trust that whatever you wish for will be yours, because 2013 really is all about you.


In the quiet hours, your demons love to come out and whisper all sorts of nutty things in your ear. When you are fully in control, these kind of thoughts make you laugh. In those other times, they transform you. However, this is the year you get your crazy under control and fight back with a new sense of madness. Let your inner superhero break free and rule your world. Be willing to change up your routines and make each day more inspirational — even if you have to chase it down, because it’ll be in these acts of unrelenting genius and courage that will establish you as a newfound guru. So, when you must, make anxiety your fuel, as it’s an endless resource with infinite possibilities.


Although you have an idealistic side that would like to think that material wealth doesn’t mean a thing, you know that’s a lie. You love being cute and owning all your little tchotchkes that add the perfect finishing touches on your dreamy lifestyle. Just accept that you are a seething capitalist that loves to acquire and if your pockets were infinitely full, your closets would be just the same — and lucky you, as this just happens to be the year when you’ll need to be true to your values in a more competitive and ambitious way — and that goes for who you shack up with too. Not that you have to go all gold digger, but your aphrodisiac is no longer potential, but what you can actually grab ahold of now — and this year, know you’ll need way more than just handful to get the job done.

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