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Astro Guide 2013 / Capricorn


Forget all that you know about love now, because this year things are going to get way more intense and what you are dealing with now will feel like small potatoes by the end of 2013 — but in the best way possible. So, get ready to have your brain stimulated, body reinvigorated and your spirit soaring, as this year brings on possibilities that you’ve daydreamed about, but still thought was far off in your future. Sudden changes will strike and you’ll need to think fast, which luckily will be the best way to really know what you’re feeling. First impressions ring true when it comes to romance, so if you know something, believe it. Of course, destiny will be throwing your fast balls, keeping you on your toes, but it’ll happily bring out your best. Yes, hopes and dreams are about to be realized, so prepare for blast-off, because 2013 will blow your mind.


Everyone will feel as if they are entitled to have an opinion about your life, opening up a can of worms that you won’t think you can shut politely. However, stooping down to play those games won’t make you feel any better, no matter how crazily enraged you get. Stay in touch with your lady-like manners, as they will get you the last laugh. You have more clever tricks up your sleeve that will leave your haters speechless. It would be nice if everyone around you could grow at the same rate, and actually have knowledge to share, but such is life. So, when it comes to cutting the cord this year, know it’ll be the fastest way to get rid of the fat for good.


You will be chomping at the bit to seal deals and get partnerships going in solid form. However, if you can wait, the second half of the year is more auspicious for taking on commitments. So hold out, or at least bide your time to see all the fine print and know what you’re getting into. Not that the deals on the table this year won’t be fair, but you’ll need to be up on every detail, as there should be no reason you are left with any questions. Time is yours, so be regal and set your pace. If others have to wait, oh well. Anyone or anything that can’t let you be thorough won’t be worth it, and hence weeding out the bad choices will come naturally. So, be classy, and never accept the first offer.

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