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Astro Guide 2013 / Cancer


You’ll be done being polite to those calling the shots. You know that following anyone’s agenda other than your own can make you glum, but yet you have fallen victim to this pattern many times — up until now! Thankfully, 2013 is about accepting your feelings more authentically and making that your focus. Selfish, yes, romantic, most certainly. You know you can’t force feelings, and although you want to please those around you, it won’t be possible if you throw yourself under the bus. This is your life and to live well means being able to challenge and surprise yourself. Sure, this can mean running head first into several brick walls, but the gratification of knowing it’s your own foible will ease any pain that comes along. Trust that this is your year for risk and putting the past to rest — but it’ll take work, as it will mean ditching learned behaviors. However, when all is said and done, you will finally be able to gain the security and affection you dream of, as getting it on your terms is the only way it will come together.


You don’t let go of grudges easily, but if you don’t want anger to backfire on you, strike at forgiveness when the circumstance is hot. Holding on any longer will have no consequence, as you will over boil your brain in the process; as you know, nothing is good soggy and limp. It’s up to you to own up to disturbing matters as they happen, settling arguments straight in real time. If you do, it will be a shocking discovery to know that those around you aren’t as demented as you want to make them. Yes, time to trust the world isn’t as against you as your inner madwoman may lead you to believe, and make an effort to re-shape your ideals to be less stressful to acquire. If you do, it’ll not only do wonders for your state of mind, but make you a thousand times more fuckable to everyone around you.


A spiritual calling is going to shake you to the core and have you seeking the truth in a more palpable way, as you will be out to make all the fragments of your experiences add up. Not only will this mean cleaning out the cobwebs in your mind and letting go of the baggage that holds you back, but also believing in yourself and your choices in a new way, and to love what you have and know what you are capable of having. As they say, “Two in the hand is worth one in the bush,” so allow yourself to be more present in 2013 for maximum success. Instead of spewing or accepting empty words, make every one count, as time will have new value and resourceful thinking will go far. Not that you’ll need to have all the answers, as seeing there are lots of options will be more than enough to move you.

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