Astro Guide 2012: Virgo


Astro Guide 2012 / Virgo

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You’re going to be feeling like one hot tamale that can’t and won’t cool down. Yes, you’ll be ready to go where the wind blows. To say the least, your confidence will be hitting new levels, moving you at a speed much faster than your own self-doubt. While traditions you’ve had will get thrown under the bus fast, it’ll be happier times for you, as you get into the driver’s seat and make the relationship of your dreams happen on your terms. Not to say it’ll happen overnight, as your own transformation will take time. In the meantime, it may also mean needing to explore. So, if this also means getting a new flavor to compliment the new you, then so be it. As it goes, this is not like any other year, as this is the one in which everything will feel new, more alive than ever and making you want to risk it all. You’ll see you truly do have nothing to lose in the face of such infinite passion, intensity and optimism within you.


Dealing with success isn’t as easy as it seems, so you will learn, as your status will be increasing on all levels. While you always knew haters were around, little will you know who they are now, as this will be a year of learning there are more wolves in sheep clothing. Some of these discoveries can be more heartbreaking than others, as you really couldn’t of seen some of this coming. Of course, it is always jarring to learn the dark side to another can run so deep, which will only make you more thorough in how you screen the new people coming into your life and in creating boundaries. After all, to live more, you need to risk more and ultimately it also means you’ll have to protect yourself more too.


Exploring your options in every way is a beautiful thing, so don’t be scared to step far out of the comfort zone, because the farther out you go, the better the results. Seems whatever new territory you enter upon now will expand your point of view in such a way that you’ll be able to break all the glass ceilings in your mind. Of course, responsibility will still be an issue, so be ready to stick to some semblance of established organization, even though you’ll be out to change all. As it goes, despite how free you will feel, you still are rooted to several obligations that need your attention, as there are others still relying on you and no matter how much you want to appease yourself, you don’t want to run into karmic debt by sacrificing others for the sake of your own revival, as that will be going against everything you should be standing up for. So, yes, move ahead, but not without being able to also keep checking behind.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Virgo