Astro Guide 2012: Taurus


Astro Guide 2012 / Taurus

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Your reign as darling of the universe continues! So enjoy the romance, love, worship and adventure of it all — as the honey moon will still rage on during the first half of the year, and luck, romance, and sex will be at the strongest they’ve been in over a decade! If you’re not feeling it and wondering if you’re the exception to this rule, then it’s only emphasizing that you need to break out of your comfort zone. Yes, go out and play! Venture out onto new turf and try out new activities, as you can literally make the impossible happen now — this is a time made for fun and excitement, not of calculation and fear! So, if you want to win big, it’ll mean playing bigger, trusting yourself and knowing your value. As the universe sees it now, they are giving you the jackpot of luck, so it’s all about how wide you want to open up those arms and go for it — grab all you can!


Love and luck can spoil a lady rotten, so when landing back to reality will come about in the second half of this year, get ready to work a very different attitude — as in beating back an entitlement complex. After all, you will have a lot to be thankful for, but too much of a good thing can ruin’s one connection with reality and motivation. No matter, as you’re not one to cry over too much spilt milk anyway and once you see the work it’ll take to maintain the heaven on earth you’ve gotten a taste of, you’ll see that the odds are still in your favor. However, it’ll be that transitional period that can bite you in the ass and need you to tread carefully at times, but at the end of the day you should always be able to see that you have gained more than you can ever lose. 2012 is the kind of year anyone sane dreams of. 


You won’t be able to stop yourself from spending, loving, and laughing, as this is your time to really indulge yourself, as the urgency to feel good will come on in fast and furious spurts. Not to worry, as money is totally replaceable and if you are willing to understand this precarious balance, then you will be fine — but do be aware of the situation as a whole, because despite the bliss you will feel in all the instant gratification, the tabs are being taken and can have your cash prognosis going from green to red. Yes, let that little voice inside your head speak its mind, but don’t let it have all the control and certainly not all the credit cards. While it’s definitely your year to live it up and enjoy the fruits of your labor, as rewards will come as you need them, know there is a time limit to it all. So, be mindful of the limits you explore and don’t let that deadline catch you off guard and be your unplanned buzz kill.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Taurus