Astro Guide 2012: Scorpio


Astro Guide 2012 / Scorpio

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Life as you know it won’t be the same in more than just  love, but within your own state of mind. Although you think you know how to give, the fact is this year the lesson in intimacy, equality and balance will get even more intense, as what and whom you have or will get won’t be so easy to compartmentalize. Yes, that object of your affection will motivate you into doing whatever it takes to make it work in a more strenuous way than you have ever had to face, but come hell or high water, you’d be a fool to give up the opportunities happening. For that, know you are yet again going to have to go deeper into yourself to turn out an even stronger version of you. You know it, destiny is calling and despite all the agony and torture you must bear to bend into its proper place, it’s time, as you’re likely done with the life you’ve been leading and ready to make that ultimate transformation by doing a total 180 and wanting it like never before — but no matter, as the forces guiding you will likely be impossible to resist.


You’re not one to be scared of the dark, as you like going deep into the depths and exploring all the dangerous places in your psyche or any other’s. After all, having been to hell and back a few times, you’re not one to coddle another or yourself for too long, as you know that isn’t the way to get out. However, not everyone is as tough as you, so don’t be bitter about it. Although that other, like a significant other, hasn’t has it as bad, it doesn’t mean they should be penalized by not being taken as seriously or needing to be backed up all the time. Everything does not have to be a life and death matter all the time, so offer up some compassion and change your perspective. While you have earned your right to know how survival happens, you can’t push others to go the same extreme route you have or think of them as less because they haven’t. Sorry to say, this is the year where lightening up is going to have to happen — at least just a little.


Sharing isn’t your forte and you have a right to keep it that way. After all, you are the sign of secrets, so if keeping things to yourself and seeing how others react is what tickles your fancy, so be it. Besides, who needs to spill all their mystery, as a bit of the unknown is what inspires exploration and magic. Of course, if you do believe in this, then you will also have to accept that you can’t be the only one that plays by this rule. So, if you are willing to keep your boundaries, then expect others around you to want theirs too. Yes, this is the time you are going to have to take what you dish and learn what it’s like to have the shoe on the other foot. Oh well, seems this year, reverse psychology will be your kryptonite.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Scorpio