Astro Guide 2012: Sagittarius


Astro Guide 2012 / Sagittarius

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You love your freedom and that will always be nonnegotiable. However, this year fate intervenes and will be helping you see commitment is more than a situation that ties you down, but rather is a solid step that can help boost you up and into a new world in which you can let loose and be free in a new way. Yes, even if you are already with your special honey, romance will increase and new discoveries are coming. As destiny has it, sudden opportunities will be happening and much to your delight, it’ll allow you access to even more of your imagination and take you to new heights of wanting to love. While there will be some rocky moments along the way, perseverance is key to getting the most out of all your experiences. That’s right, work with progress, as you can’t and wouldn’t want to fight it anyway — 2012 is all about feeling too good to be true, and it actually being that way too!


Who cares that you can’t make a real decision to save your life this year, because when it comes to prospects, they will likely come in twos — and both will be as delightful as the other and have the same amount of double-edged consequences too. Either or, it’ll be an adventure, as both paths that appear will give you opportunities to search for new ideologies and challenges. Thankfully, your middle name is optimism, and as long as you make that your co-pilot, you won’t lose. Yes, 2012 will have unavoidably crazy ups and downs, but it’ll be your showmanship that will be the only thing on the line, as this is the time when permanent impressions get made and can follow you throughout many years. So, even despite the confusion, keep playing your starring role, as the one thing you can count on throughout this year is having a lot of interesting situations to keep you pleasantly entertained.


You’ll be more energetic than ever in 2012, making you run about farther and wider, and your stamina will improve beyond human limits. Yes, you thought you were rambunctious before, but this year will have you releasing your zero tolerance on the bullshit and ready to go lighter on your feet, as you’ll be ready to go full on into warrior mode and go harder at everything you love. As it goes, you’ll have had enough with letting disappointing people and limiting situations have their power over you and then having to work around them. No more, because 2012 is your time to claim your turf and gain a bigger piece of the pie. Come hell or high water, you want to finally reap the rewards of your work and if this means having to fight the madness, then not a problem. As it so happens, this is battle that you can’t lose, as all you need to do is show up!

2012 Getting Lucky Calendar

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Astro Guide 2012 / Sagittarius