Astro Guide 2012: Libra


Astro Guide 2012 / Libra

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A larger than life feeling will overwhelm you slowly this year, as you realize the obstacles you’ve overcome and the position you’re going into now. Yes, the sky will truly be the limit, as you’ve proven you do have the armor to withstand any force. The battles you’ve faced have now brought out the best in you, raising the bar to new heights as you make that last stretch for the brass ring of your dreams. However, strangely enough, you will see that what you want isn’t what you previously thought and your ideals will be flying around the spectrum of oddities. No matter, as you increase your awareness of your own power, so will the love in your life — as in tighter, stronger, and longer. They’ll be no mountain too high for you now, as you’ll know what you are capable of and that your instincts are on. So, bring on the mischievous adventures, because now that you’ve conquered your turf, time to go out there and claim new territory and make all that you want yours.


You love your comforts, but if you have to cut back, then it just means using your imagination in a bigger way to create new solutions. There are no dead ends now, as it’s all about creative thinking. Sure, sacrifices are necessary to accommodate the changes in your life, and there will be a few moments that will cause major resentment — but keep your eye on the prize and work a positive perspective throughout. Unfortunately, this year will have its struggles with logistical issues, but learning all the details of running your life more efficiently is a necessary part to gaining ultimate control. So, expect more out of yourself and others, because you’ll need the backup, as this year, you truly are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.


You won’t be able to sit still, nor should you have to. The call of the wild will be on and it’ll be all about seeing new sights and reaching out beyond your comfort zone! Yes, this is the year your adventurous side will be gurgling with more enthusiasm and you’ll want to explore the options — as in all over the world. Whatever dreams you have about travel, make it happen this year, as luck will be on your side to present more than just a fond memory to hold onto — be it a new friend, lover, career or, at the very least, a new philosophy on which you can base your life! Yes, a surprise addition will happen, but it’ll be up to you to find it — as the answers won’t be close to home. Not to say it’ll disrupt what you already have established, but whatever treasure you do discover will give you a new perspective to understand that the grass can be greener on other side and there are always other options.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Libra