Astro Guide 2012: Leo


Astro Guide 2012 / Leo

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The beauty of romance is in the drama and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as much as it can be about the excitement of unknowing. Yes, get ready as 2012 will be rolling out some major opportunities! Expect the options to increase like a whacked out conveyor belt that spits out quantity, meaning you will have to have a prudent eye for quality. Some may look great, but lack substance, while others may have the guts, but lack any fuckable brawn. However, all will offer tales to tell and a certain level of chemistry — which can surprise you. Of course, it’ll be no biggie to you, because for now, it’s more of a numbers game and the adventure of it all. Yes, let love lead you where it will, as in keeping an open mind will be all you’ll need to do to get the best of what there is to have, as the theme of this year for you is magic and intrigue.


Your ambition will be pushing you so hard that at times you may feel as if the ruthlessness can eat you alive. Whatever, it’s this singular focus that’ll get you everything you want in life and love. While others may not understand it, you don’t have to explain yourself. Sure, the double talk of others that don’t get your vision will be running rampant and it’ll make you see that certain relations will have an expiration date, but whatever, every war has its casualties. Sure, it’ll shock you to see some people’s true colors, but don’t get too hung up on it or it can trip you up. No matter, as this is a year when true friendships will be stronger than ever, despite the changes that can happen, so don’t freak, as you won’t lack for amazing people who want to be around you. Of course, if you just want to make sure, do feel free to let everyone know that being in your circle is an exclusive deal and that means upholding standards. After all, you’re a stock that never loses its value, a deal anyone would want in on.


This isn’t the year to be sitting at home. Not to say you’ve ever been a homebody, but this is the time to be among friends, dance all night and get wild. Yes, reaching out into your community will be what gives you the fastest results in all areas of your life — and will keep you feeling positive. Plus, as it goes, circulating will keep you within several degrees of all that you need, but you won’t know this or be able to activate it unless you do your research and put out the efforts to make those connections. So, step out into the world and see, touch, smell, feel and taste it all. You know it; let life hit super spaz speed and let your instincts lead you onto an adventure. Of course, know that when hitting this speed, not everyone will be able to keep up, but instead of slowing down, push even faster forward. After all, nothing like making the survival of the fittest your filter, as it’ll be the only honest way to reveal with whom you can truly belong.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Leo