Astro Guide 2012: Gemini


Astro Guide 2012 / Gemini

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You’re not a lady that is going to let anything get in her way, no matter how large the obstacles, as destiny is on the line and what happens this year in your love life will set the pace for your future in a way more permanent way. Yes, no Gemini will be left behind this year, even if at the end of it is a one way ticket to freedom that you’ve always longer for. No matter what the outcome, you will come out on top in every way — metaphorically and literally. This is a year that will not disappoint, as it’ll be the perfect blend of passion, intrigue, drama, comedy and red herrings that will give you enough material to write a multi-series memoir — and that is likely only the first few months too! You know it; there will be much more in store than even you could have asked for, even if 2012 starts off a bit of a sleeper, it’ll take some major twists and turns that will only increase your curiosities more and more, culminating into one big bang that will change you forever. 


With so many happenings and personalities coming and going into your life this year, it’ll feel like your sense of security will always be in flux. In one way, yes, you love flying by the seat of your pants. However, on the other, it’d be nice to know where you belong. Of course, being tied-down for too long can make your feel claustrophobic, leaving you wondering if your idea of paradise is attainable. Ahhhh, you can go on and on with possibilities, because as the magic increases in your life and opportunities become apparent, so will the intensity of your indecision. Yes, you’ll be all about trying new variations on the old routines, but it’ll also mean increasing your noncommittal anxieties. No matter, because when you truly do find the right people, places and situations for you, they will accept and know how to deal with the maelstrom that is your decision making process and be able to help sort out your happiness that’ll make you want to unhesitatingly say, “Yes!”


You’ll have had it with anything old, borrowed or blue, as you’re out to break traditions — most of all, your own. While in the first part of the year it can be two steps forward, one step back, as the past will try to hold on for the ride, you’ll have to learn to separate your new goals from sentiment, as nostalgia’s power over you now will be intense and a true test of your will. Sure, those words may seem extra dramatic as you read this now, but the repercussions of your actions in 2012 are going to set you onto a whole new path — and while you’re a gal that does like opening cans of worms, if only for the noise, know that trying to have your cake and eating it too can wind up having you bite your own tongue and ultimately sabotaging the extreme progress you can make this year. So, be sure to be on the winning side, as in rooting for yourself and knowing when to let go to gather more.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Gemini