Astro Guide 2012: Capricorn


Astro Guide 2012 / Capricorn

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Whatever skeletons you’ve hidden in your closet won’t matter anymore, as this is your year to dive deeper into your psyche and break out the inner freak for all to see. Time to be proud of those odd proclivities! After all, why hide who you are when your happiness is on the line? Plus, stepping into the spotlight will mean letting go of worn out philosophies and admitting that the pressure to fit a preconceived image of what you think you should be is exhausting. Yes, drop the act — even the politeness routine — and get real, because from the moment you enlighten yourself, your vibe will instantly follow suit and you’ll immediately start magnetizing more fantastical prospects that will have you doing less wandering and more unrestrained exploring. You know it, the long journey of your self-development is about to reach a peak, so let those voices in your head turn into your personal cheering section, as it’s all about being a superstar now and taking in all the worship you deserve!


Where you are from and where you are going will contrast more than ever, so hold onto your ideals, as there will be a lot more severe clashings of perspectives that will be happening soon. Yes, traditions you know will start to feel more and more outdated, leaving you open to finding a new sense of where you truly belong. However, it’s not like you have to give up the past. Those you love will still have meaning to you, but if you’re going to make this transition happen properly, it’ll mean taking a tougher route, as in teaching and communicating your ideas to others as you go along and opening up more intense dialogues. After all, it’s not about how obedient you are that sets the mark for how much love you get, but the honesty, enlightenment and genuine care you give. So, go ahead, step out into the spotlight, as this is the time when you’ll be too dazzling to not want to love. 


Creative spurts will be taking you over and drawing out new passions in you. If you are not someone with an artistic bent at all, then 2012 will truly be shocking and amazing, as you’ll be all about opening up new outlets for expression. So go ahead, give it a try. Dip your hands into all sorts of new mediums and let your creative juices flow without judgment. Once you get started, you’ll find apprehensions will soon fade and a new energy in you will be uncovered, as you’ll see there are many more ways to think about the world and yourself, and that not all is so black and white. Sure, this might all sound a bit too hippie to you right now, but no matter, as it’ll all make sense as you move into 2012, the year of your creative awakening.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Capricorn