Astro Guide 2012: Aquarius


Astro Guide 2012 / Aquarius

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This is your year for the power of love to grab hold of you and shake you down, as Cupid will be aiming at you point blank. Finally, a set, match and point will be happening in a way that will get you at your best, with your brain going with the flow without question and your body transcending its limits. Yes, a cult-like devotion and connection will strike at the heart of you, making you come hither — and know this time around it won’t be like what you’ve known, as in no commitments forced down your throat or sadism in the form of emotional unavailability that makes you submit. No, 2012 is all about laissez-faire love, one that grows organically in its own abundant way. So, consider this karma, as what you’ve had to suffer through will finally make you clear of what you to avoid, but no matter, as this year the detours you have taken become null and void, as now all your paths will lead directly to happiness. 


You love your friends and family, and you know they have your back, but if you want the truth from them you are going to have to pry it out yourself. That’s right, no one is going to tell you anything you need to hear urgently, unless you confront it head on. Not to say people don’t care, but that awkwardness and sense of responsibility that has happened in the past has been a bit traumatizing for others and the effects are still lingering. However, just because no one is offering up their opinions without asking, doesn’t mean they won’t be there for you — so be brave and ask the right questions, as in get your interventions when necessary. Plus, as it just so happens too, 2012 is when you will need more eyes looking out for you, as others will spot your best prospects before you do; this year it will take a village to get you laid and loved properly.


You are a unique lady when it comes to sex. After all, you can dream what no one else can and be willing to go that extra mile to make it happen — if only there were more people like you. Well, lucky you, this is your year when fantasies become your reality. Yes, seems your ideas will pique certain ears, as you’ll be in line to meet your matches when it comes to weird ways of getting off. The catch, though, is that these tantalizing connections will not appear as you’d think, so never judge the book by its cover. Instead, keep turning the pages until you know the plot. As it goes, 2012 is the year a series of Pandora’s Boxes will be delivered and opened, unleashing fetishes that were even beyond you, but instead of the results being pure evil, these will make you feel naughty in the most heavenly ways.

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Astro Guide 2012 / Aquarius