Scorpio Astro Guide 2009

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Astro Guide 2009Love:
You’ll be up for learning the finer points of boldly expressing yourself as you see fit. No longer will strategy in your communications be as important as showing your passion. This will in turn eventually relax your need for strict boundaries, as the ones worthy to be in your life won’t need iron-clad rules. With this as your ideal, it’ll mean redefining your foundations. Yes, this will be a year of internal changes and steering your mind, body and spirit to sunnier shores as the typical way you’ve dealt with your feelings has hit a wall and has you realizing that what you want isn’t exactly what you have. As you recreate a new vision, more intense challenges will come to test you. Of course, this will be a slow burn kind of year as things won’t come quickly, but as they do, you’ll be able to trust their reliability. As you’ll see, not all fairy tales happen the same way, but as long as there’s the happily ever after, that is all that’ll matter.

Remember home is where your heart is, and this is your time to put down your anchor in a new location. This could mean moving out on your own, relocating for work, shacking up with your honey or making that move to own not rent. Whichever the case, real estate will bring your luckiest turn of events, causing transformations that’ll be way more intense than suspected. As you know, change is not your forte, as the way you process nostalgia typically also brings a psychological beat-down on yourself. When it happens, let it happen and go all the rounds. With Scorpios, hitting rock bottom is the only way to rise back to the top, but trust that when you do, you’ll finally be vindicated of those nagging mental cobwebs and you’ll be that much closer to perfection.

Escape is going to be your aphrodisiac, as you’ll crave adventure and the freedom of being a stranger in a strange land. Thankfully, with your career on the rise, you’ll have the extra cash to feed your travel whims and go where your curiosities take you. Yes, this is your year for self-discovery, independence and spiritual awakenings, and as you expand your horizons, there’ll be more to gather and more reason to let go of the emotional baggage from your family, past relationships and your own self-sabotaging demonic voices. With this catharsis set on auto-pilot, once you get to cruising altitude, be ready to sit back and enjoy the view, as there will be plenty of earth-shattering realizations and steamy situations that’ll find their way to you, giving you plenty to write home about.

Best Times To Get Lucky:
Play with the stars and aim to win. These dates mark your luckiest periods for luck, love, sex and relationships, and also the times in which you’ll be at your very best. If you get a turbo boost, that indicates your luck in that area is doubly so — as in upping your chances to bigger and more exciting proportions!

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