Sagittarius 2009 Astro Guide

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Astro Guide 2009Love:
A 180 in your attitude towards a particular relationship will put you into commitment mode. Oddly enough, comfort and love in the traditional form will be what you crave and learning that staying in one place with one person will have its merits. Of course, life is never that pretty to just have everything fall into line, as when this shift happens, it’ll then bring a change to your friendships and social life — but if you play your cards right, it’ll only cause temporary strife and launch a new phase to expand on what you already have. Yes, initially, you won’t know how to juggle it all, but after enough time swinging through the spectrum of emotions, you’ll find your groove on having independence and love coexist without cramping your style.

Madness:As one part of your life goes up, the other goes down. This time around, it’s your career that’ll hit the wall, as you’ll find that it’s harder to get money and praise for your efforts. Of course, with the hot sex pumping the endorphins in your brain, there won’t be too much that can upset you too deeply at the end of the day. So, while you won’t be able to help the distresses that come your way career-wise, do appreciate you have a stable home base with a winning support team and that you can always screw the pain away. Plus, you’ve never been one to follow the beaten path and for that, there’s going to be an uphill climb every now and again; the only thing you can do is stick to your ideals and keep believing. If you do, being that you are who you are and that luck follows you everywhere, by the end of the year, just rewards will come and karma will get back to working for you.

There won’t be too much you can do to speed fate up or slow it down, as it’ll have its own agenda this year, but lucky you, as you get to sit in the passenger seat and have your karmic rating unfold right before your eyes. Yes, what you see is what you’ve earned, making this one of the best times for introspection and sorting out what you further want to express to the world. On the one hand, this will make pampering yourself a spiritual act. However, on the other hand, it’ll mean unveiling your dark side and dealing with the mess you’ve repressed through the years. Either or, at the very least you’ll always be busy and with a girl like you, a packed agenda is worth its weight in gold.

Best Times To Get Lucky:
Play with the stars and aim to win. These dates mark your luckiest periods for luck, love, sex and relationships, and also the times in which you’ll be at your very best. If you get a turbo boost, that indicates your luck in that area is doubly so — as in upping your chances to bigger and more exciting proportions!

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