Pisces 2009 Astro Guide

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Astro Guide 2009Love:
Being pretty isn’t the only thing you’ll want to be in your relationships, as you’ll find your old song and dance is boring your brains out. Yes, a challenge is what you’ll be after, as your imagination isn’t the thing you want to wear out this year. Suddenly, you’ll find the superficial joys aren’t giving you enough to move ahead and that the next act in your story is going to need someone that can take the plot to a deeper level and put you through the psychological trenches in a positive way. Count on your relationships nose-diving into the areas of responsibility and more intellectual matters. There will be more than just meets the eye when it comes to love this year and while you’ve appreciated getting off easy prior, you’ll know that it wasn’t love as much as it was you loving the worship. For 2009, times are a-changing.

The older you get, the stupider you feel, as every year teaches you lessons that seem to negate the ones you learned prior. This year, things are different, as the fight gets internal — as in dealing with bigger responsibilities that’ll cause you to second-guess yourself more and be your own worst enemy. The best thing to do? Trust your initial instincts, as your gut reactions will be your best. As it seems, those annoying voices in your mind are your fear of moving ahead and succeeding. Once you reconcile them to be what they are, believe that dreams can happen, and that it won’t just end there, an ah-ha moment will occur. You’ll realize you aren’t so dumb after all and all those lessons you painstaking learned will all add up. To not lose it during this process, make your creativity a bigger priority, as you’ll need as many channels to air out your lunacies.

Get out, explore the world and make new friends. Not only will it bring you a stronger support group and more exciting social opportunities, it’ll also open up new cash flows, as powerful contacts are prevalent. Besides, this is the time to start opening your relationships in a more group-orientated way and expand your community. The more people you’re sharing with, the more you want to give and the richer your life will become. The only downfall though is that if you’re single or a swinger, don’t be too open with spreading your love around later in the year, as you’ll get the unfortunate card of being the sign vulnerable to STDs. Sure, keep the PG-13 vibes generous, but when it comes to Rated R and higher activity, take extra precautions to protect your poonanie.

Best Times To Get Lucky:
Play with the stars and aim to win. These dates mark your luckiest periods for luck, love, sex and relationships, and also the times in which you’ll be at your very best. If you get a turbo boost, that indicates your luck in that area is doubly so — as in upping your chances to bigger and more exciting proportions!

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