Cancer 2009 Astro Guide

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Astro Guide 2009Love:
Serious love and commitment are coming your way. If you’ve found your honey, expect things to get even heavier. If you’re single, this is the year to find the one. The catch? You’re going to have to push it to the tipping point and be the one that tracks him down. This means dealing with self-esteem issues, getting a sense of balance and switching positions to play on the offensive rather than the defensive. Break tradition and pick whom you want, instead of going with the scraps. Of course, introspection is required to gather a clear vision of what you want, how he’ll fit, how you’ll want to feel, etc. From there, keep the action happening, no matter how brutal the rejection will feel sometimes. If you show how much you want it, surreal twists of fate will lead you to a dramatic and beautiful finale.

Shacking up or marriage is in your stars. The problem is, you’ll learn that domestic bliss won’t be all its cracked up to be, as you’ll find out that sharing everything in a more serious way really isn’t your forte. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you want to accept all their habits first thing in the morning, which will then put the focus on solving logistical issues, like resorting the home base and the financial situation in your life. This will create big wins and big losses, but all in all, you’ll get the sense of security you crave and as long as you’re committed to the bigger picture, those trials and tribulations will eventually be absorbed into your normal routine and in time, seem effortless. Chances are, the bigger challenges will then be curbing your possessiveness and jealousy issues, but for now, take it one year at a time.

Career will finally go down on your list of priorities, as material and egotistical pursuits in your life become of less value. Upgrading this state of mind will naturally occur as fulfilled emotions give you the sense of satisfaction that your ambitions couldn’t. However, now being able to see your life in a more profound sense, you’ll have new reasons to appreciate your successes and striver for higher ones. 2009 is set to be one of your most deeply gratifying years, as you’ll have finally learned all the lessons you need to secure true happiness and be able to enjoy it. Yes, sex, love, money and personal satisfaction will all be your power sources and yes bitch, everyone will want to be you.

Best Times To Get Lucky:
Play with the stars and aim to win. These dates mark your luckiest periods for luck, love, sex and relationships, and also the times in which you’ll be at your very best. If you get a turbo boost, that indicates your luck in that area is doubly so — as in upping your chances to bigger and more exciting proportions!

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