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The Frisky is a women’s lifestyle website focused on pop culture, style, news and relationships. We reach over 1.6 million unique visitors per month with our unique brand of funny, informative and relatable content written by an array of authentic female voices.

Amelia Editor
Amelia McDonell-Parry (Founding Editor-in-Chief) was born and raised in California, Amelia moved to NYC after graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz. After toiling away at Interview, Rolling Stone and Maxim magazines, she made the move online and has been basking in the harsh glow of her laptop screen ever since. When she’s not spending her days editing and writing (about topics as vast as feminism, Ryan Gosling, “Star Trek,” and the latest D-list sex tape), Amelia is buying peonies, hanging with her dog Lucca and dreaming about her next vacation.
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Megan Editor
Megan Reynolds (Associate Editor) writes about pop culture, beauty, entertainment and career. She’s written for The Billfold, Vulture, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, The Hairpin and Gawker among others, and is an inveterate home-manicure enthusiast. When she’s not gazing into the depths of the internet for fun and profit, she spends a lot of time reading books and perfecting her eyebrows.
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Amelia Editor
Rebecca Vipond Brink (Assistant Editor) is a photographer, art and street art enthusiast, and she travels as much as she can. She has decorated cakes, put together magazine features, Photoshopped product photos, entered data about ammonia valves, assisted a chiropractor, sold antique jewelry, and organized GSAs for work in the past. She graduated from UIC with a BA in History, focusing on modern German history, mais elle ne parle pas allemand. She eats difficult things for breakfast. Scientists have concluded that 25% of everything she says is in some kind of jest. For science.
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Robyn Editor
Robyn Pennachia (Assistant Editor) grew up in both Massachusetts and Rochester, NY, but now calls Chicago home. Usually she just gives her bio as the story of Heidi to see if people catch on. Previously, she was at Death and Taxes, and used to host a reading series called “The Sunday Night Sex Show.” In addition to writing about feminism, racism, labor rights and church and state issues, Robyn collects old-timey etiquette books; obsesses over cults, serial killers and assassinations; crochets; works towards being a polyglot; and does killer impressions of Dame Shirley Bassey. She does not yet solve murder mysteries, but she’d be really good at it.
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Katrin Higher
Katrin Higher (Weekend Blogger) is a writer, stand-up comedian, and devourer of all things literary and artistic. She also loves pop culture, feminist news and everything in-between. She has an associates degree in Acting from AMDA and a BA in English Literature from Marymount Manhattan College. Her biggest wish is to have a washer/dryer unit in her home and to be able to consume as many croissants as humanly possible before she dies.
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