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The Frisky is a women’s lifestyle website focused on pop culture, style, news and relationships. We reach over 1.6 million unique visitors per month with our unique brand of funny, informative and relatable content written by an array of authentic female voices.

Amelia Editor
Amelia McDonell-Parry (Founding Editor-in-Chief) Born and raised in California, Amelia moved to NYC after graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz. After toiling away at Interview, Rolling Stone and Maxim magazines, she made the move online and has been basking in the harsh glow of her laptop screen ever since. When she’s not spending her days editing and writing (about topics as vast as feminism, Ryan Gosling, “Star Trek,” and the latest D-list sex tape), Amelia is buying peonies, hanging with her dog Lucca and dreaming about her next vacation.
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News Editor Jessica Wakeman

Jessica Wakeman (News Editor) is a writer, panda lover, eater of babaganoush, graphic novel and documentary aficionado, and devoted reader. She writes about news, feminism, pop culture, beauty, and anything that strikes her interest. She is really much more pleasant in real life than she seems from her writing. Before joining the Frisky, she worked for Huffington Post and a newspaper. She’s written for Bitch Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and the New York Times, among other places.
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Claire Hannum

Claire Hannum
(Editorial Assistant)
 writes about pop culture, feminism, wellness, beauty and travel. She’s a former frequent flyer with a love of musical theatre, Oprah and formerly trendy self-help books. In her free time, she’s attempting to be crafty (to mixed results) and wishing she could adopt Taylor Swift’s cats.
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Social Media Producer Katie Oldenburg

Katie Oldenburg (Social Media Producer) is a social media ninja, writer, beach bum and lover of country music, cocktails, sample sales and uncomfortably high (but always fierce) shoes. Before finding “her people” at The Frisky, Katie worked at In Touch Weekly, NBC Universal’s Oxygen Network and several other media companies that covered Kim Kardashian far too often for her liking. Fun facts: She’s a twin, competed in Miss NJ Teen USA (just for laughs) and ran a sorority house of 75 hormonal—but kickass—women back in the day.
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