When This Lady Kicked Her Abusive Husband Out, That Asshole Just Moved Into The Front Yard

Lauren Vinopal / October 8, 2015

Men are dogs. … More »

This Dad Got So Good At Doing His Daughter’s Hair, He’s Teaching A Class

Lauren Vinopal / October 8, 2015

DILF alert. … More »

Is It Okay To Look At Justin Bieber’s Penis?

Is looking at Justin Bieber’s penis, swinging betwixt his legs and unknowingly being photographed by a paparazzo with a telephoto lens, WRONG? More »

Netflix And Chill Condoms Will Get Your Message Across, Loud And Clear

Megan Reynolds / October 8, 2015

Just in case they don’t get it. … More »

Taylor Swift Thinks Fans “Might Need A Break” From Her — And She Is Correct

Megan Reynolds / October 8, 2015

Finally, I have The Secret-ed something into reality. … More »

Sad Trombone: No One Wants To Buy Farrah Abraham’s DNA For Some Reason

Robyn Pennacchia / October 8, 2015

Don’t worry though! You can still purchase it for $49.99. More »

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