Help! Our Celeb Crushes Are Turning Into Russian Dictators

By: Katrin Higher / August 2, 2015

Something sinister is happening to several of Hollywood’s hot actors and I’m not sure what exactly is going on. Perhaps I am the only one to notice this phenomenon but I think not!

Could it be that the lack of water in Los Angeles is being replaced by vodka? Are the desert-like conditio… More »

Bobby Brown’s Sister Was Kicked Out Of Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral Service

By: Katrin Higher / August 2, 2015

Leolah Brown, sister to Bobby Brown and aunt to Bobbi Kristina was kicked out of her niece’s funeral yesterday after verbally lashing at Pat Houston Bobbi Kristina’s former manager as well as sister-in-law to Bobbi Kristina’s mother Whitney Houston. Phew. That was a mouthful.

Speaking to reporters outside after she was escorted out… More »

Watch: Chris Christie Wants To Punch National Teachers Union In The Face

By: Katrin Higher / August 2, 2015

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, presidential hopeful Chris Christie was reminded that he once said he’d punch bullies in the face.

I suppose Tapper decided to reopen that wound again and ask Christie about his thoughts this time around as a presidential hopeful:

“At the national level, who deserve… More »

Endangered Animals Projected Onto Empire State Building

By: Katrin Higher / August 2, 2015

The film Racing Extinction used the Empire State Building Saturday night as a large screen to project images of endangered animals as part of their promotional efforts. Certainly the first time I have ever seen the iconic building used as one!

In the film, a team of artists and activists expose the world… More »

Cecil The Lion’s Brother Jericho Is Actually Alive Now?

By: Katrin Higher / August 2, 2015

Saturday evening was awash with news that Jericho, Cecil the lion’s brother, had also been brutally murdered. But as of this morning, we have been made aware that no, Jericho is actually alive and well!

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, which told the media that poachers had killed Jericho, retracted its statements o… More »

Texas Man Gets Hurt After Armadillo’s Rock Hard Shell Ricochets Bullet

By: Katrin Higher / August 1, 2015

Sorry not sorry east Texas man who was trying to shoot an Armadillo (why??).

A man in Marietta, Texas, was wounded after he fired his gun at an armadillo in his backyard when one of the bullets ricocheted, hitting him square in the face. Whoops!

The man was then taken to… More »

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