Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “Daredevil,” Make Pizza Strips & Paint With Watercolors

By: Megan Reynolds / April 19, 2015
It ain't over yet.... More »

Obama Expected To Voice Support For Medical Marijuana

By: Katrin Higher / April 19, 2015
Sunday night, Barack Obama is supposedly going to voice his support for the legalization of medical marijuana on national television, around 9PM on CNN in an interview with Sanjay Gupta. This will be part of a series that CNN has been doing called "WEED 3" Maybe we need to DVR Game of Thrones and MadMore »

Bald Eagles Return To NYC After 100 Years

By: Katrin Higher / April 19, 2015
A bald eagle couple has been found making a home (nest) in New York City, the first to do so in a century, ornithologists report. They appear to be starting a family on the South Shore of Staten Island. Local birders have named the male Bald Eagle Vito, and the couple are engaging in brooding… More »

Ohio School Photoshops The Word ‘Feminist’ Off Of A Girl’s Shirt, Calls It ‘Offensive’

By: Katrin Higher / April 19, 2015
Middle school student and my new bff Sophie Thomas of Clermont Northeastern Middles School in Batavia, Ohio wore a shirt to photo day that said FEMINIST in glaring white letters - which the school then decided to totally wipe out in post. Do I still have to live in a country where the word feminist… More »

‘Anne of Green Gables’ Actor Jonathan Crombie Who Played Gilbert Blythe Dies At Age 48

By: Katrin Higher / April 19, 2015
The Canadian actor who played Gilbert Blythe on the PBS hit mini-series Anne of Green Gables, died Saturday morning at the age of 48 from a brain hemorrhage. Many of us from Generation X to the older Millenials, grew up watching and adoring his character in this beloved series and he was definitely considered many… More »

Texas Nears Approval Of Open-Carry Bill For Handguns

By: Katrin Higher / April 18, 2015
In the true fashion of Texas and its insane Wild West ways, the state is nearing the approval of a bill that would allow its gun-licensed citizens to casually walk around with visible hand guns at all times! The state’s House voted 96-35 on Friday to pass the bill, which allows folks to tote around… More »

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