Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “House Of Cards,” Read Rich Bitch & Make Cream Puffs

By: Megan Reynolds / March 1, 2015
HOUSE OF CARDS HOUSE OF CARDS HOUSE OF CARDS ... plus some other ways to enjoy this Lazy Sunday. More »

University Of Michigan Fraternity Causes $430,000 Worth Of Damage To Resort

By: Katrin Higher / March 1, 2015
This is why (fraternities) can't have nice things. Back in January, the destructo-frat Sigma Delta Tau, of the University of Michigan, caused immense damage to the Treetops Resort in Northern Michigan. Besides destroying 40 rooms at the resort they also destroyed the hallway and the ceiling as seen in the picture above. How do you… More »

#Problematic: Looking Back At The Oscars Edition

By: Chloe Stillwell / March 1, 2015
How are you, today? Did you know Lady Gaga could sing? Wherever you are I hope your shoes are secretly off under your desk and your water bottle is full of vodka, because it’s been a long ass week on the internet. With the Oscars preemptively hashtagged #OscarsSoWhite, even sorority girls were pressured to kee… More »

Japan Builds Robot Bears To Care For The Elderly

By: Katrin Higher / March 1, 2015
File this under "things the elderly get that I want now in my 30s." The "Robear" designed by Japanese robotics company RIKEN is primarily designed to lift elderly patients out of bed and into wheelchairs, taking off the strenuous burden that normally rests on human caregivers. Japan is expecting a large elderly population in the… More »

Badass Shark Scientist Eugenie Clark Dies At Age 92

By: Katrin Higher / March 1, 2015
At age 17, during her interview to apply to Columbia University, Dr. Eugenie Clark was told by the dean: "Well, we can admit you to Columbia ... but I can tell by looking at you that after we put in all our time and money to give you an education, you're going to get married… More »

Seattle Girl Receives Jeweled Gifts From Crow Friends

By: Katrin Higher / March 1, 2015
This is not a fairy tale or a "Portlandia" sketch. This is real life eight year old Seattle native Gabi Mann, who routinely receives trinkets from her garden's visiting crows as a thank you for feeding them regularly. Gabi has been feeding her crow friends since she was two years old and has collected hundred… More »

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