How Clinton and Trump are preparing for the first debate says everything about how they would lead

It’s a circus. More »

Woman live tweets the horror of sitting next to extremely creepy doll on red-eye flight

Let’s all just go home now. More »

Is Kim Kardashian voting for Trump? Here’s why that wouldn’t be surprising at all

Tons of celebs have come out in support of Hillary Clinton for president, with only a few rogue names voicing support for Donald Trump. However, one A-lister’s voting preference became a topic of speculation, causing everyone to wonder: is Kim Kardashian voting for Trump? Knowing her (not like we’re friends, but everyone pretty much knows KK),… More »

Rolling Stone censors women’s nipples — unless that woman is transgender

The issue in this case, obviously, isn’t the continued censorship, policing, and excessive sexualization of women’s bodies (which is always an issue but not exactly the issue right now) — it’s that treating transgender women differently invalidates and disrespects their gender identity. It’s annoying that we even still have to say that.More »

Poorly worded law would make it illegal to change your baby’s diaper in Arizona

The importance of specific language is exemplified in a recent Supreme Court of the State of Arizona ruling that classifies any act that involves “intentionally or knowingly” touching the private parts of a child under fifteen as child molestation. More »

Gigi Hadid didn’t hesitate to kick the ass of a guy who grabbed her in Milan

He wasn’t a fan and it wasn’t funny. More »

Tulsa police officer charged in shooting death of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man

She is being accused of shooting Crutcher “unlawfully and unnecessarily.” More »

Congressman says Charlotte protesters “hate white people,” clearly not understanding Black Lives Matter

The Republican representative demonstrated an alarming amount of ignorance towards the plight of the Black Lives Matter activists in Charlotte protesting the shooting of Keith Scott at the hands of the police. More »

Why at least one presidential debate needs to cover abortion this year

Pretending it’s no longer an issue isn’t going to help the countless poor and marginalized women still unable to access it. More »

LAPD confirms Brad Pitt is not being investigated for child abuse, thank god

What a relief. More »

Yahoo users will want to change their passwords (but really, who still uses Yahoo?)

If 500 million accounts were really hacked, this is the largest internet hack ever.  More »

Woman has Disney engagement photoshoot alone after breaking up with her fiancé

Disney princesses get a lot of hate, but this is pretty badass. More »

Trump calls for more stop-and-frisk because it was such a booming success in New York

He has no new ideas. And no idea what he’s talking about. More »

Woman fakes own kidnapping to see if her boyfriend “truly cared about her”

It’s sort of passé to make fun of the crazy shit that happens in Florida, but the story of this woman faking her own kidnapping to test her boyfriend’s love is just, so Florida. More »

Canned pumpkin isn’t actually pumpkin because everything is a lie, including fall

No, this is not a joke. We have all been living a lie. More »

Brad Pitt reportedly being investigated by LAPD for alleged child abuse

Yikes. More »

‘Jumanji’ reboot puts only female character in tiny outfit unsuited for the jungle

Even though it’s supposed to be part of a plot device, I still believe the Jumanji outfit was designed primarily for the male gaze. More »

North Carolina governor declares state of emergency as Charlotte protests rage on

Protests in Charlotte continued through the second night in response to the fatal police shooting of a black man. More »

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