Step-Siblings Share the Real Stories of Their ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

Incest is among one of our society’s most persistent sexual taboos. It’s so frowned upon that even the idea of step-siblings getting hot and heavy makes us uncomfortable, even though they aren’t actually related at all. Probably because of its forbidden nature, incest (or more specifically “step-cest,” as I like to call it) is one of the most sought after types of erotica and a pervasive sexual fantasy.


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It’s also something that happens, like, a lot more than you think—and it’s actually (for the most part) not that weird… Or at least the fact that their parents are married isn’t the weird part…

Anyway, here are some stories of real life step-siblings who make Cruel Intentions look like a documentary (okay, not quite, but they did get down):

1. I had sex with my stepbrother about three years after our parents got married. He was in college and had just broken up with his girlfriend who he’d been with the whole time I knew him. We had flirted pretty early on and made out once but weirdly weren’t that close. I did find him quite attractive though. It was awkward afterwards (we had sex three times over one weekend), he ended up getting back together with his girlfriend shortly after and we just didn’t talk about it. As far as I know no one knew about it. Anyway, I’m now entering my junior year in college and our parents have since gotten a divorce lol, for unrelated reasons. So that’s that… (TAStep123) 


2. Throwaway here. the sex wasn’t really weird she approached me one night after i made a rather dirty remark and asked if it would be weird if we experimented. Being the horny 19 year old i was i said no since we weren’t blood and the led to a year sex-capade dam near every night when everybody went to sleep it was great but then feelings started. It got weird we waited 6 months broke the news, ended a marriage, and eventually both felt it was better to move on… (twiceinlife)


3. I hooked up with my stepbrother the same night our parents got married. My real brother caught us and thank god he’s never f**king said anything. I make sure to never piss him off. But me and my stepbrother still kinda flirt and fool around during family gatherings (Thanksgiving is a LOT more fun now). Hasn’t messed up our lives yet, thank god we’re adults and he lives in a different state. (fancy-ketchup) 


4. I actually went to college with a guy who’s father got re-married to a lady with a daughter, around the same age as my buddy, for the sole purpose of her daughter and his son, to be eventually married. My buddy graduated, went to med school and he and his step-sister were married shortly after. They are happy and have two kids. When I was told all of this, all I could think was, “Well, that’s convenient”. (VIIIMan) 


5. Throw away for obvious reasons. I, a gay male, came out to my step-brother when I was 15 and he was 16. I told him I wanted to always give someone a blowjob. He told me if I gave him $20 he would let me suck him off. So I did. From there things escalated, we ended up having sex several times. He would walk around the house wagging his penis at me when no one was in the house. He would flash his cock at me in the bathroom where I could only see him to let me know he wanted me to blow him again. Or he would tap twice on the hallway door when walking back to his room.He ended up telling his brother, my other step-brother, and he had me eat his a** out. Nothing ever happened after that. I moved away, they got married and had kids.edit: we were step-siblings for about 5 years at that point when it all started – and as far as I know no one was ever the wiser (steppystep)


6. I had been with my girlfriend for two years when my parents started going through their divorce. Eventually, the divorce forced me to move away with my mother, and my relationship with my girlfriend ended badly. My mother began dating again almost immediately (She and my father had been separated for quite some time before the divorce) and quickly got into a relationship with a decent guy with a super hot and funny daughter a year younger than me.I was pretty lonely and depressed at the time from my previous relationship and here was this beautiful girl who I got to spend a lot of time with because of our parents. Naturally, we started getting closer and closer, and as horny teens, eventually got to the point where we were having sex once every one or two days, all the while keeping everything entirely secret from our parents.They eventually got married six months later, and my now stepsister and I were still together. It was a little weird at first but still lots of fun. Until her dad found out one day when he came back from golfing early. He got so mad at the two of us. He brought my mom in and everything. The four of us probably argued for a good two weeks until everything settled down.The verdict? It was our lives, and we could do whatever we wanted with them. We never did do anything beyond the occasional light petting and cuddling after that… (caxac1)


7. She was 15 I was 13. It was actually the very first day/night I met her and was staying under the same roof. We set beside each other on the couch while our parents sat on the other couch. We all was watching the movie Cruel Intentions. We both had not really said a word the entire night or looked at each other.At one point our parents paused the movie to go to the kitchen and soon as they left the room we both looked towards each other and instantly jumped on each other and started making out. We quit real fast when we heard our parents coming back. Through the rest of the movie we held hands behind our legs so parents couldn’t see. When our parents went to bed we just went at it like rabid animals, was my first time actually. Was pretty great won’t lie. (siksol)


8. I moved away from home but my mom let me know that her boyfriend is moving in with her. Her boyfriend has an 18 year old daughter, who has a 2 year old son.I fly home to visit and am pleasantly surprised that the guy is cool and my soon-to-be step sister is pretty cute. I joke around a lot and kinda pick on the girl a little, I might have flirted a little bit but she was very stand off-ish at first…

About a year later my youngest brother died. It f**king sucked. I went home for his funeral and took a month off work to make sure my mom was ok. When I stay at their house there isn’t a spare room so I sleep on the couch in the living room. It’s a full house, my brother lives there with his wife and kid, my mom lives there with her boyfriend, his daughter, and her son. My step-sister stays up late watching TV so I hang out with her every night. We’re a lot nicer and talkative when nobody is around.One night I get drunk and my friend drops me off at home. Step-sister is watching tv, I plop down on the couch to pass out. I just wanted someone to hold me so when she looked at me I put my arms up and told her to come over. She asked why, I told her I needed a hug. So she hesitantly comes to hug me while I’m on my back and I pull her in to lay on me. She asks why I’m being so affectionate, I mention it being difficult to not be affectionate to her, she seems surprised but into it. There’s a little age gap as well, she’s 19 and I’m 25. We talk and establish that we’re physically attracted to each other. That conversation took maybe 2 minutes then we started kissing. Things escalated and we started f**king on the living room couch. Remember, there are 4 more adults in the house sleeping so we’re being quiet and keeping our shirts on so we can try to look like we’re not f**king if we hear a bedroom door open.Shortly before this event I was prescribed Zoloft. On this night I learned that while on Zoloft I can’t have an orgasm. So I f**ked this girl as hard as I could without waking up the house.After that night there were a lot of quick kisses and a**-grabs when no one was looking. Any time we had the house to ourselves we were f**king. Every night I’d come home to my step-sister waiting to f**k me, even when I just came home from f**king someone else…

I left a few days later. We might have had sex a few times but I don’t really remember. After that visit we never even spoke of our encounters. We don’t even keep in contact but we see each other when I visit my mom. I’ve met her boyfriend, she’s met my wife. Nobody knows that for about 3 weeks we f**ked like rabbits.

So that’s it. That’s the story. (DrunkleDick)


9. I was a virgin. Our parents had just got together, hadn’t married yet. She flew over to the country me and my mum lived in, with the specific intention of popping my cherry. Got a little awkward when she developed feelings beyond wanting to bang and I had to be like “Heh, no, that would be too weird, we’re gonna be siblings”. Does it count if this was a couple months prior to our parents getting married? ([deleted user])


10. Long story short, my step-sister hated my bio mom. She started having sex with me when she was 17 and I was 15. When she turned 18 and moved out, she dropped the bomb that she’s been f**king her son as a huge f**k you. She did admit that she liked the sex. (throwawaytomhanks) 

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