Exes Playing “Truth or Drink” is the #HurtBae Antidote You Need

If you’re still crying over the lost love of #HurtBae and lamenting how hard it can be when relationships end, we’ve got the cure. WatchCut video (the people responsible for those amazing 100 Years of Beauty videos) has a series of videos featuring ex-couples playing a game that they call “Truth or Drink.”

The concept is simple—put two people who used to date at a table with three bottles of liquor, a stack of questions, and a camera. They take turns asking questions and whenever someone doesn’t want to answer, they take a shot. They do videos that focus on just one couple and they also have a supercut.

It’s pretty awesome.

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Why is it the perfect antidote to the creeping depression and likely existential crisis that #HurtBae brought on? Well, it proves that it doesn’t always have to end like it did for Kourtney and Leonard. Sometimes, you can sit down with your ex-boo, ask them questions, and actually have really fun time rehashing the past.

Like when this girl refused to tell her ex what her friends and family thought of him (good call, sister, btw).

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And when these guys agree that they would be lovers again if they were the last people on Earth!

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Romance, am I right?

Anyway, it’s a fun little video that proves that there is such a thing as an amicable breakup and that two people who used to date can absolutely be friends down the line without it hurting anyone. It’s nice.

It will make you feel nice.


Also, raise your hand if these two are your new OTP.

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